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Utility Partnerships

Utility companies are some of the WAP network’s strongest partners.  Establishing and maintaining those relationships will be key to maximizing your WAP funds.  View our map of non-federal leveraged funds to see where your state stands – funding which in large part comes from utility partnerships.


    Case Studies

    Case Study: United CAP Coordination with Co-Ops

    Overview of efforts for MN Weatherizers to coordinate WAP and energy counseling utilizing Co-Op funding.

    Slide Presentations

    Our Model Energy Affordability Policy — Percentage of Income Payment Plans (PIPP)

    Percentage of Income Payment Plans (PIPP) help eligible utility customers manage their energy bills year round.  Ms. Browning shared an agency perspective on the PIPP program in Illinois while Ms. Brown shared a utility perspective.  Dr. Power gave an overview of PIPPs and examples from other states.

    EOC Designing and Implementing Integrated Energy Assistance Programs

    Energy Outreach Colorado provides encouragement to ‘think bigger’ about energy program designs and coordination to have bigger impact.

    Managing Coordinated Energy Programs (NASCSP)

    A presentation by Amy Klusmeier, WAP State Assistance Director, National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP) for the 2019 Management & Leadership Training Conference.

    Managing Coordinated Energy Programs (Southern New Hampshire Services)

    A presentation by Southern New Hampshire Services for the 2019 Management & Leadership Training Confernece.

    Designing Effective Utility Weatherization Partnerships

    Presentation from DOE WAP Program Manager and the Community Action Partnership of Oregon at the 2017 CAP Conference on coordinating WAP, LIHEAP, and utility dollars.