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Why Join Community Action Partnership?

Connect to Best Practices, Ignite Change, Amplify Your Voice

Training & Innovation

Community Action Agencies have the expertise and dedication it takes to serve families and communities best. But Agencies need information, training, and resources to learn from other innovative efforts and to stay up-to-date on the latest federal standards. By connecting Agencies to best practices and emerging solutions, the Partnership’s training and innovation program ensures organizations can remain a strong force to generate positive change.

Community Change

Families don’t thrive on their own- their success is intertwined with a community’s overall stability, economic growth, and its progress towards providing equal opportunity. Creating a greater chance at success for everyone requires that communities identify any barriers getting in the way of families’ economic success and promote long-lasting solutions. By focusing on a broader range of community challenges, the Partnership supports Agencies as they work to ignite economic growth and ensure all families can benefit.

A Voice for Opportunity

Across the country, Community Action Agencies are the nation’s eyes and ears about what’s getting in the way of a family’s stability and what’s working to help them succeed. The wisdom of these frontline Agencies is America’s greatest resources for leaders looking to make smarter decisions about overcoming poverty and inequality. The Partnership offers insight to leaders looking to understand what’s working on the ground to help families thrive- creating smarter solutions that can be put to work within communities across the country.

More About Training & Innovation
Through Training and Innovation, the Partnership office helps agencies strengthen their organizational effectiveness, builds networks for peer learning, and sharpens members’ technical skills.

Conferences and Trainings: Events, webinars, and online resources designed to support a range of learning needs – from best practices in financial management to innovative program models to changing federal regulations.

The Learning Communities Resource Center: A learning hub for agencies to share innovative approaches and access proven strategics to move families and communities forward – with topics from the two-generation approach that helps a whole family succeed together to strategies that address rural poverty.

Organizational Performance Standards: Tools and technical expertise to help agencies assess the effectiveness of their organizations, comply with federal standards like Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA), and improve their ability to provide high-quality services to families and communities.

The Weatherization Leveraged Partnerships Project: Tools and expert assistance to connect agencies involved in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program to additional partners and resources – multiplying the number of low-income families who can live in safer, more energy efficient housing.

More About Community Change
The Partnership works hand in hand with agencies to pursue Community-Wide Solutions to barriers that prevent children and families from thriving.

Community Economic Development: We work with Community Action Agencies on locally-designed, economic development projects that generate jobs, entrepreneurship, affordable housing, and neighborhood revitalization.

Racial Equity: We help agencies examine the intersection between race and poverty, build capacity to address equity within their own organizations, and create community change to ensure all families have access to opportunity.

Community Resilience: We promote research that explores how local organizations can build resilient communities that are more sustainable, transformative, and just.

More About the Partnership as A Voice for Opportunity
The Partnership is a Unified Voice for our members, lifting up workable solutions field tested in 99% of America’s counties – sharping smarter federal and state proposals that help families succeed.

Advocacy: The Partnership represents our members within national coalitions addressing poverty and inequality. Through the National Community Action Foundation, we help ensure the federal government targets resources to help families succeed.

Success Stories: We inspire hope and action by sharing stories from Community Action Agencies about what’s working to help create greater opportunity for thriving families and communities.

Community Action Month: Each may, the Partnership and its members promote greater awareness about how Community Action Agencies are transforming lives.

Research and Briefs: We produce publications that promote successful community  approaches on topics from rural poverty to entrepreneurship to racial equity.

For additional information on membership, contact Sranda Watkins, Membership Coordinator at Community Action Partnership:

Phone: 202-860-1029