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The Community Action Partnership’s Standards of Excellence are based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and specifically adapted for the Community Action Network to define the very best practices for agencies.

Pathways to Excellence is the Partnership’s organizational capacity building initiative using the 35 Standards of Excellence.  Local Community Action Agencies participate in Pathways as a team.  Over a twelve month period, agency teams complete an online eCourse on the Standards of Excellence, attend a one-day in-person training session, conduct a comprehensive self-study process and report, participate in monthly support webinars and/or conference calls, and receive a detailed peer review report from a team of Pathways-trained experts with at least five years of management experience.  

The Standards for Excellence set out a list of critical benchmarks of excellence in seven categories:

1.    Organizational Leadership
2.    Strategic Planning and Direction
3.    Customer, Constituent, and Partner Focus
4.    Measurement, Analysis, and Performance Management
5.    Human Resource Focus
6.    Organizational Process Management
7.    Organizational Results

The Standards and Self-Study process are powerful tools that can help distinguish your agency’s grant applications, prepare for state monitoring visits, and support other critical activities such as strategic planning and needs assessments.  Click here to access the Standards of Excellence.

    What are the Benefits of Pathways?

    The Pathway to Excellence begins with developing knowledge of the Standards through an eCourse, then a one-day training session on how to apply the Organizational Self-Study as a rigorous diagnostic tool that identifies strengths to build on and critical areas to improve. Agencies typically bring teams of four to five senior leadership staff, typically including the Executive Director and Board Chair, who in turn lead the Self-Study process back home, providing an excellent opportunity to build the “leadership bench” of your organization.  Agency teams then have nine months to complete the Self-Study, supported by monthly webinars and/or conference calls with the Partnership staff and consultants. Finally, a panel of expert peer reviewers trained in the Pathways process with at least five years of management experience provides your agency with a comprehensive feedback report within three months that lays out a detailed improvement process and clear next steps for moving down the Pathway to Excellence.

    What is the State-Based Pathways Initiative?

    The Partnership is also interested in working with state CAA Associations and CSBG administrators to offer the Pathways initiative and associated training within a state. If you and other CAAs in your state are interested in having Pathways offered closer to home as a voluntary capacity-building strategy, we would be pleased to talk to your state CAA Association and CSBG Office about hosting this option. Presentations and workshops about the Pathways initiative can also be provided to state or regional CAA events.  Going through a State-Based Pathways process has the added benefit of creating a state cohort of agencies that can support each other through the Self-Study and leverage events such as annual conferences to disseminate promising practices and other innovations.

    What Does Pathways Cost?

    The fee for the open enrollment Pathways training uses a sliding scale based on agency budget detailed below.  Agencies also cover the cost of travel to and lodging at the training.

    Agency-Wide Annual Agency-Wide Annual Funding

    The State-Based Pathways fee is $3,600 for the sponsoring state association or CSBG Office in addition to travel, lodging, and per-diem for the trainer and any expenses for the meeting space, and a flat fee of $1,500 per participating agency.  Both Pathways options typically aim to enroll between five to seven agencies per training to ensure participants receive maximum support from the Partnership staff and consultants.You can access the application form for both trainings here.

    Peer Reviewer Opportunity

    Become qualified as an Award/Pathways to Excellence peer-expert reviewer in Community Action’s initiative to recognize and promote excellence and continuous improvement among CAAs nationwide. This training will qualify you as an eligible reviewer of agency self-studies completed under the Award for Excellence in Community Action and the Pathways to Excellence initiatives.

    Pathways to Excellence 2018 Award Recipient

    The Partnership is pleased to announce that the United Planning Organization (UPO) in Washington, D.C. has received this year’s Pathways to Excellence Award. When UPO’s President and CEO, Dana Jones, took over several years ago, he inherited an agency that had been mismanaged and was struggling. Jones and his team enrolled in the Pathways process and turned things around.

    Please take the time to watch this short acceptance video by UPO.