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Data Collection, Analysis, and Use is one of three workshops included in the ROMA Next Gen Training Curriculum created by Community Action Partnership and ANCRT, which focuses on the various components of ROMA Next Gen, and how how all the elements of the Performance Management Framework fit together. This module is designed to support a local Community Action Agency as they identify the processes and tools they currently use to collect and store data and as they identify the current role that analysis of data plays in creating information for decision making. It is intended to encourage open dialogue among agency stakeholders and critical reflection on the agency’s understanding of why data is collected and how it is used to increase agency capacity to achieve results.

Workshop Trainer Guide

This facilitator guide will support facilitation of the workshop allows agencies to move through the training as they see fit. (Click title to download)

Workshop Presentation Slides

These slides are to be used conjunction with the facilitator guide for customized workshop presentation on this topic . (Click title to download)