This is a series of trainings based on material produced by the Community Action Partnership and the Association of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers. They are designed to be either short stand alone segments that could be presented at a Board meeting, or to be joined together in as a full day workshop or Board Retreat session. It can be done in conjunction with other Board training activities¸ or could be provided to Board Members as a “take home” activity (where they would view the power point and read the notes independently).The guides are designed to be adapted to use however best engages Boards in the discussion about Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA).

Taken together, this training series will provide sufficient information for participants to be able to

  • Understand the foundational concepts that will help local agencies and the entire CSBG network increase their performance measurement and management capacity so that the Community Action National Goals are accomplished.
  • Recall and describe the basic elements of the Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) principles and practices
  • Discuss how all the elements of the ROMA Cycle, Organizational Standards and the Performance Management Framework work together
  • Understand how to meet and exceed Organizational Standards by greater focus on the ROMA Cycle

Introduction to Implementing the Results Oriented Management & Accountability

This guide is designed to help a facilitator consider the content in relationship to the information needs of the Board.  Not every Board will need in depth understanding of all of the elements of the ROMA Cycle, but the Organizational Standards do require Board involvement in every phase of the Cycle.  Therefore, each Board Member must understand the expected roles and responsibilities at each phase.

Community Needs Assessments: Identifying Needs and Resources

This guide is designed to help a facilitator consider the content in relationship to the information needs of the Board.  For example, this module would be helpful to the Board as they are considering their next Community Needs Assessment (CNA), or when they are doing their annual review of their current CNA.   It can also be useful if any of the Organizational Standards related to the CNA were unmet.

Creating a Local Theory of Change

This training can be done before Assessment, between Assessment and Planning, or at several other places in the series. This is a brief introduction to the idea of “whole agency” approach and getting the Board to articulate their assumptions about what the agency is supposed to be achieving.

Strategic Planning: Setting the Course for the Agency

This training can be after Assessment, or after Creating Local Theory of Change. This is a brief introduction to concepts of “planning” and “strategic planning” to identify the elements of the planning process that are included in the Organizational Standards.

Implementation of Services & Strategies

This training segment is about helping the Board understand key elements of the actual work of the agency. In this training, Board members will learn some questions that they can ask to help them understand how the agency’s strategic plan will be implemented.

Observing & Reporting Progress & Results

This training can be introduced at any point in the agency’s cycle.  It will be useful to identify key concepts of data collection (observation) and using the data for reporting.


Evaluation & Analysis of Data

This training segment is designed to help the Board understand the importance of the new focus on “analysis of data” in the Performance Management Framework.  This is one of the key elements of the Next Generation additions to ROMA. This overview will help to set the stage for more information that can be provided to interested Board members.