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This Community Needs Assessment template created by NCAP is intended for use by local Community Action Agencies (CAAs) as an addendum to their full Community Needs Assessment in response to the COVID-19 global health pandemic. This document can assist CAAs and State CSBG offices by serving as a foundation to the use of the special supplemental CSBG funding. Within the template is pre-filled text accompanied by places to insert local data and examples. Following the template is a data resource guide for easy access to data and resources to utilize within the template.

EZ Guide

This revised template has been edited and reformatted to allow greater ease of use and minimal data collection efforts by the local agency.

Additional Resources

This video walks through the Partnership’s COVID-19 Community Assessment Update Template & Data Resource Guide to review purpose, use, and tips for the data tools.

Community Assessment Tips During COVID-19

Tips and considerations included to help agencies manage challenges in data collection during a crisis.