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The Partnership is pleased to collaborate with the Center for Community Futures to provide our next national webinar series event, National Poverty Trends Session 5: Analyzing the Causes of Poverty. Year 2 of the Poverty Trends series will offer more intensive support for agencies looking for ways to make the most of their community assessment process. The upcoming session will explore the causes of the poverty condition: “lack of full-time jobs that pay a decent wage”. Every CAA should be collecting detailed information about the changes in the types of jobs in their area and this webinar is an invitation for your agency to learn more about exactly how these trends relate to your local area. Attend this webinar on December 1, to learn the details about how to participate in a working group of the Learning Community that will help your agency find information on your area about the characteristics of the economy that are most responsible for the decline in economic opportunity and social mobility and the widening of income inequality.