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Community Needs Assessment Tool


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The Community Needs Assessment (CNA) Online Tool provides a significant amount of the secondary data to help you along your way to complete community needs assessment with the click of a button.  Through the tool you can measure and visually represent the fundamental drivers of poverty in your community through access to thousands of databases, a report generator, and a mapping tool.

The CNA tool allows you to select specific state(s) and county(ies) to be included in your report, allowing you to focus on your particular service area, as well as select particular data elements to include (such as employment, education, nutrition, etc).




nonprofit risk mit

Click here to be taken to the Risk Management Portal - created for the Community Action Network by the Partnership and the Nonprofit Risk Management Center (NRMC) and updated in January 2018.  This will be your entry page to the customized risk management tool designed specifically for CSBG eligible entities, as well as other tools and benefits, such as the ability to draft custom risk policies. The tool may be accessed directly free of charge.


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