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Implementing ROMA is one of four workshops included in the ROMA Next Gen Training Curriculum created by Community Action Partnership and ANCRT, which focuses on the various components of ROMA Next Gen, and how all the elements of the Performance Management Framework fit together. This module is designed to support a local Community Action Agency in implementing a full cycle of the Results Oriented Management and Accountability process. It is intended to apply basic principles of a results orientation, identify key elements of success, and discuss the roles of staff and board in assuring agency-wide understanding of ROMA.

Implementing ROMA: A Case Study

The following case study walks through an example of how a Community Action Agency out of Southwest Missouri, Economic Security Corporation (ESC), has made strides with effectively implementing ROMA across the organization, utilizing many of the ROMA Next Generation Training components, including the most recent materials in the Implementing ROMA curriculum.

Implementing ROMA ESC Case Study