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Thank you for attending the 2020 Management & Leadership Training Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico!

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The Board of Directors of the Community Action Partnership has been disheartened to witness the disaster left behind in the wake of Hurricane Maria and dismayed regarding the slow response to Puerto Rico’s needs during recovery. 

The Partnership recognizes that extensive damage was done to homes and businesses and that the commonwealth is still recovering. We also acknowledge that Puerto Rico’s Community Action Agencies have been doing everything they can to aid recovery efforts.

Amidst the hurricane devastation and recovery, Puerto Rico’s Community Action network has been providing hope and critical support to assist the commonwealth. Propelled by our collective commitment to The Promise of Community Action, each agency has been diligently caring for the entire community and remains dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.

In support of their work and the continued recovery of the commonwealth, the Community Action Partnership Board has elected to convene the 2020 Management and Leadership Training Conference in Puerto Rico.

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