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Healthy Homes

Many positive health impacts can result from weatherizing a home – including reduced asthma and COPD symptoms.  Add health funding to your WAP dollars, and hospitals should see fewer ER visits and/or insurers should see fewer claims.  Most importantly, client health will benefit from a much-improved home environment.

    Audio / Video Presentations

    Energy and Health Partnerships with NECAC, Missouri

    Carla Potts, Deputy Director of the North East Community Action Corporation (the Community Action Agency of Bowling Green, Missouri), shares NECAC’s story related to healthy housing efforts. Such partnerships have included a local hospital and have the potential to include a health insurance provider. Find out how to navigate the maze of who to reach out to in the health sector.

    Non-Energy Impacts aka Social Determinants of Health: North Carolina Community Action Association

    Increasingly, the Weatherization Network has successfully built partnerships to fund and coordinate the WAP with increased health measures. These innovative partnerships with foundations and health insurance companies not only fund additional measures, but may help avoid deferrals for low-income households. Hear from Sharon Goodson and Joel Groce of the North Carolina Community Action Association on successful strategies to build these partnerships and design coordinated programs for increased impact.

    Case Studies

    Case Study: Northeast Community Action Corporation Healthy Homes

    Overview of NECAC’s program coordinating WAP with environmental assessments and asthma education.

    Slide Presentations

    Innovative Partnerships Beyond Utilities

    From the 2019 Management & Leadership Training Conference.