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This guide explores how your organization can take these three steps:

  • Step I: Assessing your organizational readiness for coaching
  • Step II: Assessing organizational readiness for whole-family work
  • Step III: Developing partnerships to support family-centered coaching

In this tool, we provide two different types of assessments. We recommend Assessment 1: General Coaching Mindset for everyone, but especially for organizations that are not yet engaged in coaching. These questions will help you identify the key organizational considerations and questions to ask as you embark on coaching. Assessment 2: Family-Centered Readiness goes deeper and aims at organizations that are already engaged in coaching. This set of questions will help you assess your capacities and how your organization can move toward family-centered coaching. Finally, Assessing Organizational Readiness and Creating Partnerships 3 all organizations should identify and effectively engage with partners to provide family-centered services. Because family-centered coaching often requires partners to fill key content and service gaps or to ensure a whole-family focus, we offer a how-to guide to develop strong family-centered coaching partnerships. For small organizations, this means reaching externally to find partners; for large organizations or bureaucracies, it may mean identifying how to partner and align internally with other divisions or programs. Together, these tools will help you make and execute a strategy to provide family-centered coaching based on your organizational strengths and those of your partners.