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The Annie E. Casey Foundation (Foundation) is dedicated to bringing brighter futures to all children with a particular focus on improving the lives of children and families at risk of poor educational, economic, and social outcomes. According to the Center for Poverty Research at the University of California, Davis, one-third to onehalf of children who are poor for a substantial part of their childhoods will be poor as adults. The goal of two-generation programming is to serve both parents and children in an integrated way and break the cycle of intergenerational poverty (i.e., continuing the poverty experienced as a child into adulthood). In 2013, as part of its two-generation portfolio, the Foundation provided 3 years of programmatic and evaluation support for three Family Economic Success – Early Childhood Education (FES-ECE) projects:
• The Atlanta Partnership (Educare Atlanta and The Center for Working Families); Atlanta, Georgia
• The Educational Alliance; New York City, New York
• Garrett County Community Action Committee; Oakland, Maryland
This report details the results of this project.