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Nominate Someone for Our Complete Count Committee

The Community Action Partnership is launching a Census Complete Count Committee (CCC), called the Partnership CCC. CCCs are organized in communities across the county to ensure a complete count for 2020’s Census.

An accurate count is crucial for our Community Action Agencies to receive adequate funding — around $2,000 per person, per year, for ten years! – among many other important uses for the data. We are inviting every agency to nominate one person on staff (we’d prefer you not self nominate, but trust you to know your own agency!) to serve as your agency’s key contact on Census news, outreach, and information, to help us ensure a coordinated national response.

The 2020 Census is around the corner. This once in a decade event is critical for Community Action and the families and communities we serve across the country, and it is essential that all people are counted. The Community Action Partnership is proud to be a part of the Census Counts campaign, working alongside other national organizations to ensure a fair and accurate Census. Explore this page to learn more about the upcoming 2020 Census and access resources your can use to help ensure that  your entire community is counted during Census 2020.

Census 2020

What is the Census?

Every 10 years, as mandated by the constitution, the United States conducts a “Decennial Census.” The goal of the census is to count the entire population of the country in the place where they are living. This includes all people regardless of age, housing situation, or citizenship status. It’s the only time we count everyone. The Census Bureau takes many surveys of people throughout the decade, but those are samples. They use population estimates based on the Decennial Census to decide how many people to sample from each community, so if we get the Decennial Census wrong, every census survey for the next decade is also distorted

How is Census Data Used?

Census data shapes the future of our communities, and is the basis for apportioning representation and  drawing legislative districts school districts, and voting precincts.,. Of specific importance to Community Action, Census Data determines  how over $800 billion in federal government resources will be distributed each year, for essential programs like CSBG, Head Start, LiHEAP, and SNAP. Additionally, Census data is used informing local level decisions such as housing and business development that impact the health and wealth of our communities.

How do I learn more about the 2020 Census?

The 2020 Census is operated by the US Census Bureau. The US Census Burea website includes resources and information about all aspects of the 2020 Census, from how the Census will be conducted,  Census hiring plans , to information about how communities can partner with the Census Bureau to ensure everyone is counted. Visit the US Census Bureau Website Here.

Census Counts

What is the Census Counts Campaign?

Census Counts is a collaborative campaign involving more than 15 national organizations and dozens of community partners working together to make sure that the 2020 Census is fair and accurate. The campaign works to educate stakeholders and the public about the importance of a fair and accurate census to our communities, families, and children. Learn more about the Census Counts Campaign Here. 

What is the role of Community Action Partnership?

Community Action Partnership is one of several national organizations serving as a national hub for the Census Counts campaign. Each national organization is representative of what is considered a “hard-to-count” population. Community Action is the lead representative for the low-income “hard-to count” population.

Census Counts 2020 Partners

Community Action Counts

Community Action Partnership and the Census

Community Action has played a critical role throughout its history during the decennial Census to ensure the entire community is counted and represented through education and outreach, enumerator recruitment, and broad based communication around the importance of the Census. The reach of Community Action is felt in rural, suburban, and urban communities and the network provides many touch points throughout the year for families that are critical to Get out The Count efforts.

Community Action Partnership and the Census

.In 2020, Community Action Partnership’s Census efforts are lead by a working group made of up of network leaders from state’s with the largest hard-to-count-populations including: MA, NY, PA, OH, GA, FL, TX, AZ, CA. This working group will provide insight from both the state and agency level to inform the Partnership’s activities. Over the next year, the Partnership plans engage the network in Census Get-Out-The Count efforts through: in-person trainings at conferences, quarterly webinars, digital resources and organizing tools, and on-the-ground train-the-trainer curriculum, and more!

What can Community Action Agencies do now?

While the Census is still a year away, Community Action agencies can start laying down the ground work now to prepare their communities for the 2020 Census. Here are a few things that agencies can do now to help ensure that all people are counted in your community:

1.. Map the Hard to Count Population in your community. 

2. Form a Complete Count Committee.

3.  Recruit to fill Census 2020 Positions.

4. Take a pledge to commit to a fair and accurate Census in 2020.