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CAA’s have been at the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic from Day One. This is one of the reasons Congress entrusted the Community Action Network with $1 billion to support critical Readiness, Rapid Response, Recovery and Resilience activities across the Network. As we begin to look back at the past year, how do we effectively tell the story of our work? Which data should we highlight? More specifically:

  • How have we differentiated customers related to CARES funding from customers we would have otherwise served and how do we use the data from those two groups effectively. Or, if we only have one group – customers – how do our data show CARES funding really did provide our communities with the ability to reach more families?
  • How are we capturing outcome data in an environment where immediate, urgent services are the priority?
  • How are we preparing our community stakeholders for differences between what we “officially” report through the CSBG Annual Report and the work we have actually done?

Watch for a discussion of how CAAs can effectively “connect the dots” for community stakeholders to demonstrate the tremendous work the network has accomplished and the impact it has had on families and communities across the country.