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Building Wealth Across Generations

Financial literacy is often thought of as a concept that only applies to adults. But what impact does the journey towards financial wellness have on families as a whole? Join us on September 19 to participate in a conversation with Prosperity Now around what Community Action Agencies can do to better implement financial capability services with whole families in mind. Hear from lessons learned from organizations in the field, and recommendations on best practices.

Forging Successful Partnerships In Financial Empowerment

This webinar discusses how Community Action Agencies can leverage their position within their communities to bring important external stakeholders to the table. Experts from Prosperity Now emphasize the importance of partnerships in financial empowerment programs, how to assess which programs might be a good fit for external referrals, and how to maintain client engagement once they are being served by an external partner.

Strengthening Support for Young Parents and Their Children: A Focus on Low-Income Rural and Suburban American Families

This report brings together several strands of emerging knowledge about today’s young parents and their children in rural and suburban poor areas. It examines current data about young parent families and the context of rural and suburban poverty, new information about child and young adult development, and new approaches for helping young parents. Promising work in several different rural and suburban communities, discovered through a national scan, illustrates creative approaches to serving these families that may inspire further innovation in other parts of the country.

Behind on Bills?

The tools are designed to help frontline staff working with families to coach them with how to better handle money emergencies, cut down on stress from mounting bills, and build your finances to where families want them to be.

Your Money Your Goals: Focus on Native Communities

This guide—Your Money, Your Goals: Focus on Native Communities—contains additional information, tips, and tools based on the wisdom of tribal staff and organizations that serve Native Communities.

Your Money, Your Goals: Focus on Reentry

The Focus on Reentry companion guide is designed to complement the Your Money, Your Goals toolkit in ways that can help address the unique financial challenges facing individuals pre- and post–release from incarceration.

Critical Components in Financial Empowerment: An Annotated Guide

This toolkit features resources that have been selected for use by organizations looking to getting started with financial empowerment initiatives, as well as those seeking ways to strengthen and expand on work already being carried out in this area.

Paving The Way: A Roadmap For Organizations Partnering To Deliver Financial Capability Services

This brief explores four phases of the integration lifecycle—discover, design, implement and converge—with specific recommendations and shared lessons from the field for how others can take this planning approach or adapt it for their own purposes, particularly when working with partners to deliver services in their communities.

Workplace Financial Wellness Services: A Primer For Employers

With this primer, Prosperity NOW hopes to provide employers an overview of common workplace-based financial wellness services that can be tailored to serve the needs of lower-income workers.

An Introduction to Workplace Financial Wellness Services Infographic

This infographic, taken from Prosperity NOW’s Workplace Financial Wellness Services primer depicts just how much organizations stand to gain by helping their employees access financial wellness services.

First Steps on the Road To Financial Well-Being: Final Report from the Evaluation of LISC’s Financial Opportunity Centers

This report is based upon work supported by the Social Innovation Fund (SIF), which unites public and private resources to evaluate and grow innovative community-based solutions with evidence of results.

Tax Time Financial Capability Library Resource Brief

This tax time financial capability repository, published by Prosperity NOW includes research, implementation supports, model practices and additional resources for VITA program staff interested in integrating these services into their tax program, or in updating existing program models to better serve the needs of both clients and volunteers.

Measuring Financial Capability and Well-Being in Financial Coaching Programs

This brief from Prosperity NOW describes the data collected and lessons gleaned from the Financial Coaching Impact & Evaluation Fellowship, which took place over the course of 10 months in 2017.

SNAP E&T Operations Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Developing, Implementing, and Growing a SNAP E&T Program

The purpose of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training (SNAP E&T) Operations Handbook is to provide States and their partners a roadmap to building a SNAP E&T program that primarily uses third-party providers for the delivery of SNAP E&T services.

Race and Economic Opportunity in the United States: An Intergenerational Perspective

This new study from the Equality of Opportunity Project takes an intergenerational perspective on racial disparities, focusing on dynamics of income across generations Census data linking parents and children covering nearly the entire U.S. population from 1989-2015.


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