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Energy and Health Partnerships with NECAC, Missouri

Carla Potts, Deputy Director of the North East Community Action Corporation (the Community Action Agency of Bowling Green, Missouri), shares NECAC’s story related to healthy housing efforts.

Energy Infrastructure – Sources of Inequities and Policy Solutions for Improving Community Health and Wellbeing

In a new report produced with the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Synapse Energy Economics, the Regulatory Assistance Project, and Community Action Partnership take an in-depth look at the disparate impacts electric and natural gas infrastructure have on economic, social, and health outcomes — and consider how to ensure that a clean-energy future is a more equitable future.

Weatherization & the 2020 Census

Census data determines funding for the Weatherization Assistance Program and the customers served will be affected if we don’t get an accurate count of the population. Join the National Community Action Partnership and Energy partners to learn more about how your weatherization program can promote engagement in the 2020 Census before it’s too late!

Tips on Relationship Building with Utility Regulators

Relationship building is a key component to winning utility dollars, this guide talks through steps to begin building these kinds of relationships with utility commissioners.

Background for Energy Advocates: Process for Setting Utility Rates

Created by a former utility commissioner, points on the steps of a rate case so that WAP leaders understand the ways and opportunities to get involved.

Source materials for Leveraging and Managing Multiple Funding Streams

A Discussion with the DOE Weatherization Program Manager Dave Rinebolt, Program Manager, Weatherization Assistance Program, DOE.

Introduction to Leveraging and Managing Multiple Energy Program Funding Streams

A Discussion with the DOE Weatherization Program Manager Dave Rinebolt & Meg Power EOS-CAP Leveraged Partnerships Project.

Understanding the WAP – Local Agency Leaders

A presentation by Ray Judy, MiTEC Director.

Updates from the U.S. Department of Energy (2019)

Erica Burrin, Program Manager, Weatherization Assistance Program, DOE; Anna Sullivan, Director of Credentialing, Interstate Renewable Energy Council Facilitator: Kathryn Maddux, Project Director, Weatherization Leveraged Partnerships Project, Community Action Partnership

Update from DOE and National Partners

Derek Schroeder, Policy Advisor, Department of Energy (DOE); Felix Vazquez-Guemarez, Fellow, Department of Energy (DOE); Eric Behna, Policy and Communications Manager, National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP); Amy Klusmeier, WAP Director National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP)

Our Model Energy Affordability Policy: Percentage of Income Payment Plans (PIPP)

Percentage of Income Payment Plans (PIPP) help eligible utility customers manage their energy bills year round. Ms. Browning shared an agency perspective on the PIPP program in Illinois while Ms. Brown shared a utility perspective. Dr. Power gave an overview of PIPPs and examples from other states.


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