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Leading Through Innovation: Featuring Mahube-Otwa Community Action Partnership

Liz Kuoppala, Executive Director of Mahube-Otwa Community Action Partnership, shares her agency’s transformation story as part of the Whole Family Approach Community of Practice.

Demystifying Data Analysis

This webinar, delivered live on September 11, 2019, provides simple analysis techniques and stories from local Community Action Agencies as they conduct the evaluation phase of the ROMA Cycle. Elements of a data-centric agency are reviewed along with ideas about what is needed to have good data. Examples of putting analysis of data to work during decision making will demonstrate how to USE data for program improvement.

Continuous Quality Improvement 2.0 Striving for Better Results

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is about understanding processes and regularly using data for program improvement. This webinar will cover the purpose and benefits of CQI and the steps to take to implement CQI in your own agency, as well as highlight an example of how CQI is used by a local CAA.

Peer to Peer Series: Program Level Data Collection and Analysis

This webinar features staff from the Garrett County Community Action Committee as they discuss how their use of data has led to success in their nationally recognized two-generation program, and provide valuable insight for all levels of Community Action on how to get the most out of the data you collect.

Social and Decision Analytics Laboratory: Bringing the “All” Data Revolution to Communities

This presentation features information from an expert panel on identifying metrics, measuring success and using data to tell your county’s story.

CSBG T/TA Resource Center

This website is a resource for the Community Action Network to access an array of information and assistance designed to support efforts in serving low income families and addressing the causes of poverty in local communities.

Using Research and Evaluation to Support Programs that Promote Parents’ Economic Security and Children’s Well-Being

Using research and evaluation findings can strengthen program implementation and provide valuable insights for funders and program leaders about the quality and reach of the program’s services.

Advancing Two-Generation Approaches Integrating Data to Support Families

This report is the third in a series from the Annie. E. Casey Foundation that explores the common challenges organizations face when addressing the needs of children and parents at the same time.

Becoming Data Centric Using a Whole Agency Data Approach

This webinar focuses on the benefits and challenges facing agencies who have begun to move to a data-centric approach.

Building Intergenerational Success, Measuring Whole Family Outcomes

This webinar focuses on outcome measures and strategies used to align internal and external systems and cultural changes necessary to serve working families.

Taking Data Out of Silos

Review this session of the Cultivating Data-Centered Organizations Learning Community to think intentionally about not only being data-centric, but data-holistic across programs.

Setting the Stage for a Data Centered Organization

Join the Cultivating Data-Centered Organizations Learning Community to explore the elements of a data-centered organization and the various roles of data in the agency.

Gathering Community Data on the Social Determinants of Health & Poverty

Community Commons and County Health Rankings & Roadmaps Join this open learning community event to explore online tools and resources, such as Community Commons and County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, to collect community data on the social determinants of health & poverty.


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