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#CountMeIn: Making the Census Count for Community Action

The Census is a critical process that affects us all. Census data is used to apportion representation among states, draw congressional and state legislative districts, school districts and voting precincts, enforce voting rights and civil rights legislation, and distribute federal dollars to states (including CSBG, Head Start, Weatherization and many more!). Community Action is playing a key role in making sure that every person is counted! This webinar showcases Community Action’s role in ensuring that Hard-To-Count people and communities are included in the Census, and offer concrete tools and training to help front-line staff maximize Census participation.

Census 2020: What State Associations Need to Know

This web meeting covers everything State Associations need to know about the upcoming 2020 Census and discusses a variety of steps that Associations can take engage the network in essential 2020 Census outreach. In particular, the webinar focuses attention on reviewing how states can work with other advocates to encourage the state legislature to appropriate funds for outreach.


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