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The Right to Vote: A Short History & Issues for 2020

The right to vote is essential to American Democracy. Throughout our history, access to the polls for communities of color and low-income community members has been threatened and jeopardized. Watch for a short history of attacks on voting rights in America and current concerns for the 2020 cycle.

Census & Redistricting

The civic engagement team discusses how the 2020 Census could change Congressional, state, and local electoral districts, and impact our communities for the next decade. Learn more about how you can get involved in the process so your community is fairly represented.

Voting 101

Are you a new voter? Do you need help educating others? Watch this webinar to learn about voter registration, absentee/mail-in ballots, federal/state/local election guidelines, and other voting topics.

2020 Census: Service Based Enumeration Toolkit

Service-Based Enumeration (SBE) provides an opportunity for people without conventional housing and people who may be experiencing homelessness to be counted in the census. This toolkit provides steps local agencies can take to ensure their customers are counted in the 2020 Census.

Official Census Communications

The Census Bureau is conducting one final push to ensure everyone is counted. Residents can expect to receive mailers, emails, phone calls, and visits from census enumerators. Use these graphics to explain what to expect and which communications to trust.

COVID-19 Impact on the Census

The 2020 Census has been on the back burner, but it’s still happening! Watch for an update of where we are, what we can do, and how we can still impact our communities through the census.

How To Identify a Census Taker

To ensure everyone is counted, Census workers will go door-to-door nationwide to encourage folks to fill out their form. Use this graphic to demonstrate the 5 things to look out for to identify a census taker.

Voter Registration & Community Action

Voting is one of the best ways to make your voice heard. Promoting voter registration can help empower underrepresented members of your community. This webinar reviews the voter registration rules and regulations for CSBG recipients and offer best practices for registration that comply with those rules. CAPLAW and Coalition on Human Needs present.

Civic Engagement Info Graphic

Everyone has a voice and should use it! This info graphic provides examples of how to stay civically engaged.

#MyVoiceMatters: Civic Engagement & Community Action

This webinar provides a brief overview of what the National Partnership has been doing to engage members with the census, advocacy, and public policy.

Weatherization & the 2020 Census

Census data determines funding for the Weatherization Assistance Program and the customers served will be affected if we don’t get an accurate count of the population. Join the National Community Action Partnership and Energy partners to learn more about how your weatherization program can promote engagement in the 2020 Census before it’s too late!

Engaging Communities in the 2020 Census

The most undercounted populations walk through the doors of our Community Action Agencies every day. Watch this discussion on messaging strategies that will engage undercounted populations in the 2020 Census.

Weatherization & Census Postcard

Weatherization staff can use this Census Impact post card to promote participation in the Census.


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