The Center of Excellence on Human Capacity & Community Transformation (HCCT COE) initiative is funded through the Community Services Block Grant. Despite the efforts made within the CSBG network, poverty, unemployment, education, asset building, and affordable housing continues to threaten independence and economic mobility and increase Americans’ need for safety-net programs.


Working within the existing CSBG Performance Management Framework, the COE will provide national coordination for a T/TA initiative to identify, highlight, and support multi-year community transformation efforts that move individuals, families and communities towards improving human capacity, reducing dependency and sustaining self-sufficiency.

Operating Principles

Sustainable Independence

Create enabling conditions needed to support independent and resilient individuals, families, and communities

Support Employment

Strengthen employment opportunities for individuals and families that promote economic mobility across generations

Individual Empowerment

Foster the potential of individuals to create their own future by cultivating the environment that builds financial, social, and personal capacity

Government as Catalyst

Leverage the role of government to drive the transformational model by calling all sectors of society to this vital work

Community Matters

Support communities in the development and execution of their unique vision for growing the capacity of individuals and families in vulnerable circumstances

Evidence-Based Policy

Collect relevant, reliable data to evaluate the progress of interventions and outcomes. Apply the knowledge gained for the developing and strengthening of policy that supports the overarching objective

Individual and Family Centric Design

Design and operate a system that understands and adapts to the unique circumstances of the individual or family served

HCCT Steering Committee

The HCCT Steering Committee advises the HCCT COE, serving as subject matter experts from inside and outside the Community Action network. Selected members include representatives from local Community Action Agencies, State Associations, and State CSBG offices for each region. National Partners, Office of Community Services, and experts from outside the Community Action Network also participate.

CSBG Working Group

The purpose of the CSBG Working Group is to advise the Community Action Partnership regarding the network’s ability to consistently meet and exceed CSBG Organizational Standards and to support the network’s integration of ROMA NextGen. Selected members include representatives from local Community Action Agencies, State Associations, and State CSBG offices for each region. National Partners and Office of Community Services also participate.

Featured Resources

State TTA Plan

The purpose of the State T/TA Plan Template is to provide a tool that can assist in the development of a comprehensive summary of the collective T/TA resources and activities in a particular state.

HCCT Messaging Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to be used by RPICs and State Associations to communicate the purpose, goals, and process of the HCCT initiative to a broader audience.

CSBG Tribal Resource Center

The CSBG Tribal Resource Center provides provides training and support for Tribes and Tribal Organizations to help maximize to the reach and impact of CSBG funding.

Community Needs Assessment Template: COVID Update

This template is intended for use by local Community Action Agencies (CAAs) as an addendum to their full Community Needs Assessment in response to the COVID-19 global health pandemic.

Project Team

Aaron Wicks, Vice President of Organization Capacity Building

Courtney Kohler, Senior Associate of Training & Technical Assistance

Lauren Martin, Program Associate of Training & Technical Assistance