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Ready to Serve: How to Build and Equip a Crisis-Ready Response Team

July 15 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Resilience is a concept we have all learned much more about in the last year. Organizational resilience is key to continued operation and growth in complex times. Melanie Lockwood Herman, Executive Director of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, will be presenting an eight-part webinar series on developing more resilient organizations with practical tools for non-profit and public organizations. Each webinar will feature concrete, hands-on approaches to building resilience from the inside out. Melanie will break down the concept of organizational resilience into the eight key themes we all need to learn and know to strengthen our agencies and our teams. The webinars are being released in conjunction with a robust, interactive Resilience Toolkit also available through the Partnership.

This webinar explores three critical stages to create and support a crisis response team: 1. Reflect, 2. Plan, and 3. Practice. You’ll learn how and when planning and response teams differ (in composition as well as emphasis), how to ‘bake in’ lessons from previous crisis events into your planning and response strategies, and why and how the substance and style of your planning activities matter. The webinar also explores approaches to ‘practicing’ what you’ve built before your next crisis is at hand, rules of thumb for your crisis team, and takeaways you can apply to create a crisis-ready response team.

Future webinars in this series will be held on the third Thursday of each month and will focus on topics such as Accessing Resilience Resources from Public and Private Sources and How to Become the Resilient Leader Your Mission Requires. Register today to join this timely series.


Community Action Partnership, National Office