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Partnership Strategy Moving Forward

Adopted by the Partnership in August 2018, the Strategic Plan is divided into the following key areas: Optimize the Impact of Training and Technical Assistance, Strengthen Local Advocacy, and Expand National Advocacy. Read more>

Optimize Impact of Training and Technical Assistance

The Community Action Partnership commits to meeting the current and future needs of the membership through training and technical assistance. Read more>

Strengthen Local Advocacy

The Community Action Partnership is committed to defining the narrative on and telling the story of Community Action. Read more>


Expand National Advocacy

The Community Action Partnership is committed to building relationships at all levels.

The Community Action Partnership also recognizes an emerging need to prepare a response to leadership changes. Read more>

Organizational Capacity

The Partnership will ensure organizational readiness and effectiveness to support the implementation of the strategic plan developed by the board.

The Partnership will be managed strategically and effectively to ensure that it continues to be a viable national entity that represents the Community Action Network.0

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Download the Partnership’s Strategic Plan Summary Presentation.