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Strategic Evidence Building For Two-Generation Approaches

This brief can serve as a starting point for funders to have conversations — among their own staff, leadership and external partners — about how their work already contributes to the knowledge about what works, and places where further contributions can be made.

Advancing Two-Generation Approaches Funding to Help Families Succeed

In this brief — the first in a series highlighting these challenges — we focus on the funding required for programs to address parent and child needs at the same time, a key component of developing a sustainable and effective two-generation program.

Advancing Two-Generation Approaches, Developing An Infrastructure To Address Parent and Child Needs Together

This brief is the second in a series exploring what it takes to address parent and child needs at the same time. It focuses on the operational elements of a two-generation approach, including structure, family intake, the alignment of adult and child services and perhaps one of the most crucial components, the teams that get these initiatives off the ground.

Breakthrough Ideas That Move Children & Their Parents Toward Educational Success & Economic Security

In this webinar, Marjorie Sims, Managing Director at Aspen Ascend will provide a comprehensive overview of the key success factors for a whole family approach.


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