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The Intersection of Data Capacity Building and Strategic Planning

Nonprofits know data-driven decision-making is critical to program success but frequently do not have the capacity to design and maintain complex data systems. A lack of technical expertise, evaluation and performance management strategies, and resources for training and growth are common challenges to building internal capacity. The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Data Governance Tool Kit is an innovative resource that guides organizations through the development of a comprehensive plan to address all areas of data capacity and position organizations to make more efficient use of their data with an eye toward improving the experiences of families that come through their doors.

Peer-to-Peer Series: Strategic Planning and Performance Management

During this webinar, staff from the United Planning Organization, the newest Award for Excellence winner, discuss their performance management system that has been recognized as a best practice by a senior team of Pathways to Excellence Peer Reviewers. They discuss ow they use their strategic plan to set agency-wide outcome goals and how their performance management team uses program data to help staff improve results. They also provide a detailed presentation of into the performance scorecard they use to track progress across the agency.

Strategic Planning: Implementing the Strategic Plan

How do you implement and ensure follow-through on the strategic plan? This final webinar of the Strategic Planning Webinar Series discusses how to develop a structure and process that ensures effective implementation of the strategic plan. The webinar includes examples various accountability measures, processes, and tools, such as dashboards and scorecards, that can be adapted by agencies to help ensure follow-through on the strategic plan.

Strategic Planning: Developing an Outcomes Based Strategic Plan

How do you develop an outcomes-driven strategic plan? The third webinar in the Strategic Planning Webinar Series helps agencies understand how to define clear outcomes that link to the agency’s mission, develop strategies that drive change, and create action plans that guide implementation.

Strategic Planning: Gathering Data for the Strategic Plan

What data do you need to create a solid plan? This second webinar in the Strategic Planning Webinar series looks at ways to ensure that you develop a truly data-driven strategic plan. This session covers techniques such as the SWOT analysis, identifying trends, and assessing whether services are aligned with your mission.

Strategic Planning: Overview & Preperation

What is strategic planning and how does it fit into the Community Action Planning cycle? This is the first webinar in the Strategic Planning Webinar Series and examines why strategic planning is important for Community Action Agencies, how it connects to other planning processes like the community needs assessment and the ROMA cycle, and how to ensure you agency is prepared to start the process.

Organizational Standards 2.0 Webinar – Category 6: Strategic Planning

This webinar is part of the Organizational Standards 2.0 Webinar Series designed to provide continuing support for agencies to meet (and exceed) the Organizational Standards. This session addresses Category 6 and covers discussion topics and technical assistance on the following: Questions about the interpretation of individual Standards, Documentation requirements to show compliance with the Standards, Accessing available technical assistance resources and requests for new resources, Promising practices to help agencies go “beyond compliance” to improve their management and operations.

Evaluating Strategic Plan Progress with Agency-Wide Scorecards

Organizational Standards 6.5 and 9.3 focus on reporting progress toward strategic plan goals (6.5), as well as an analysis of outcomes and associated adjustments to the board on at least an annual basis. While the minimum requirement is to report this information once a year, there are ways to involve the Board and communicate the information clearly so they can better fulfill their role of governance and oversight. Watch this webinar to learn about meeting this standard, as well as utilizing a scorecard or dashboard to organize and communicate data, as well as other promising practices to move beyond compliance.

The Board’s Role in Setting the Mission & Direction of the CAA

Organizational Standard 4.1 states that the Board reviews the organization’s mission statement within the last 5 years and ensures that it addresses poverty and the programs and services of the agency align with it. While the minimum requirement is the review, the Board has a fundamental duty to set the mission and direction of the organization. Watch this webinar to learn about meeting this standard, as well as leveraging Strategic Planning (Category 6) and promising practices to move beyond compliance.


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