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Peer-to-Peer Series: Implementing Online Customer Satisfaction Surveys

This Organizational Standards Center of Excellence Peer-to-Peer webinar highlights the work of two Community Action Agencies that have implemented online surveys as part of their customer satisfaction systems. The webinar focuses on how the systems were developed, the data collection and analysis process, examples of the tools the systems use, and lessons learned. These examples highlight effective practices for attention to customer satisfaction, as well as meeting and exceeding Organizational Standard Category 1, as well as Standard 6.4.

Customer Satisfaction Systems: Collecting and Analyzing the Data

This webinar is designed to help agencies dig deeper into customer satisfaction data. The session first discusses elements of customer satisfaction surveys that best collect usable data, and then highlights approaches for how to analyze the data into information and knowledge that can be used to assist with agency planning and evaluation

Customer Satisfaction Systems: An Overview

This webinar provides an overview of customer satisfaction system highlighting the necessary components for a beneficial customer satisfaction system. The session also takes a deeper dive into customer satisfaction, discussing how to develop an organizational culture dedicated to customer satisfaction.


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