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Peer-to-Peer Series: Implementing Online Customer Satisfaction Surveys

This Organizational Standards Center of Excellence Peer-to-Peer webinar highlights the work of two Community Action Agencies that have implemented online surveys as part of their customer satisfaction systems. The webinar focuses on how the systems were developed, the data collection and analysis process, examples of the tools the systems use, and lessons learned. These examples highlight effective practices for attention to customer satisfaction, as well as meeting and exceeding Organizational Standard Category 1, as well as Standard 6.4.

Whole Family Building Blocks: Attending to Organizational Culture and Systems

During this webinar participants will learn more about the building blocks agencies need to construct to successfully shift to a whole family approach. Specifically this webinar will focus on the building block of organizational culture. Additionally, participants will learn how to access the awesome resources coming from the whole family approach efforts of the Learning Community.

Whole Family Building Blocks: Building and Using Leadership

During this webinar participants will learn more about the building blocks agencies need to construct to successfully shift to a whole family approach. Specifically this webinar will focus on the building block of leadership. Additionally, participants will learn how to access the awesome resources coming from the whole family approach efforts of the Learning Community.

Fall Update with WAP Program Manager

Newly installed WAP Program Manager, Erica Burrin, provides an update on the continuous improvement cycle within WAP.

Building Wealth Across Generations

Financial literacy is often thought of as a concept that only applies to adults. But what impact does the journey towards financial wellness have on families as a whole? Join us on September 19 to participate in a conversation with Prosperity Now around what Community Action Agencies can do to better implement financial capability services with whole families in mind. Hear from lessons learned from organizations in the field, and recommendations on best practices.

Opportunity Youth in 2Gen Practice

Watch this webinar to participate in a conversation on what steps Community Action Agencies can take serve this increasingly vulnerable population. Experts from ICF International will provide an overview of the challenges facing this demographic, and provide insights and research to guide CAAs in their service delivery approaches. We will also hear from a field practitioner who will share their lessons learned in this space.

Weatherization Day Kickoff

Presented by CAP, NASCSP, and NCAF to provide tools and resources for engaging in Weatherization Day.

Whole Family Approach Building Blocks

The Whole Family Approach Building Blocks are a set of organizational touchstones essential to establishing a Whole Family Approach. The Building Blocks were developed by the Community Action Partnership based on best practices of Community Agencies who have successfully implemented the Whole Family Approach, as well as extensive research and direct conversations with subject matter experts from across the field. The Building Blocks are customized to reflect the organizational structure of Community Action Agencies, and are meant to serve as a guide for Community Action Agencies wanting to develop a Whole Family Approach to meet the needs of families in their community.
This webinar provides an overview of the Building Blocks and offers resources to help agencies implement these foundational elements to the Whole Family Approach at their agency.

Evaluating Collective Impact

Measuring and communicating about the progress of a collective impact initiative is different than evaluating the work of a single organization or program. This webinar will provide a framework for assessing the progress, effectiveness, and impact of collective impact efforts. We will define the relationship between shared measurement and evaluation, and talk about what types of results to expect at different stages of an initiative.

Virtual Tour of the CNA Online Data Hub through the Engagement Network

This webinar is co-hosted by the Partnership and the Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems (CARES) and features a virtual tour of the new online hub where the Community Needs Assessment (CNA) Data Tool is housed. The tour provides an overview of the enhanced functionality for secondary data collection, highlighting updated mapping and reporting environments, easier access to data downloads, and streamlined navigation.

CAP Agencies and Balance of State CoCs: Ending Homelessness through Collaboration

CAP agencies play a critical role in ending homelessness nationwide and can be an important partner in Balance of State Continuums of Care. Learn how two Balance of State CoCs are collaborating with CAP agencies in taking a systems approach to ending homelessness in rural areas.

Planning for Service Integration: Using a Multidisciplinary Team Approach

UC Davis Extension’s Center for Human Services will be sharing their expertise around service integration, specifically on staffing models and team roles for integrating services. Topics such as team dynamics, communication, supervision of integrated teams, avoiding duplication, and overcoming barriers to coordination will be discussed. UC Davis will also share lessons learned from their work throughout the state of California.

Peer to Peer Series: Program Level Data Collection and Analysis

This webinar features staff from the Garrett County Community Action Committee as they discuss how their use of data has led to success in their nationally recognized two-generation program, and provide valuable insight for all levels of Community Action on how to get the most out of the data you collect.

Peer-to-Peer Series: Head Start Integration

Head Start programs often comprise a significant part of a Community Action Agency’s budget and staff. This webinar focuses on practical “how to” strategies to ensure that agencies fully integrate their Head Start programs into the overall governance, leadership, and management of the organization. Join staff from several agencies to discuss topics that include how to build relationships between the board and Policy Council, strengthen integration of Head Start with other services, build a shared sense of mission across programs, and improve collaboration on financial decision-making. This webinar is a must for any agency with a Head Start program!

Forging Successful Partnerships In Financial Empowerment

This webinar discusses how Community Action Agencies can leverage their position within their communities to bring important external stakeholders to the table. Experts from Prosperity Now emphasize the importance of partnerships in financial empowerment programs, how to assess which programs might be a good fit for external referrals, and how to maintain client engagement once they are being served by an external partner.


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