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Leading Through Innovation: Featuring Central Missouri Community Action

Over the last 2 years, several Community Action Agencies have participated in the Whole Family Approach Community of Practice as a part of the Community Action Economic Mobility Initiative, funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Hear from executive leadership from CAAs around the country who will share their Learning Community Transformation Stories and offer insights on how they use innovation to transform their organization and maximize impact for their customers and communities.

Leading Through Innovation: Featuring Mahube-Otwa Community Action Partnership

Liz Kuoppala, Executive Director of Mahube-Otwa Community Action Partnership, shares her agency’s transformation story as part of the Whole Family Approach Community of Practice.

Evaluating Whole Family Approach Pilots: Metropolitan Action Commission 2Gen Evaluation Report

The Metropolitan Action Commission is partnering with families to achieve their goals of getting out of poverty through a Two-Generation/Whole Family approach. MAC’s initiative provides short-term and high-yield job trainings aimed to help Head Start/ Early Head Start parents move toward attaining living-wage jobs. This type of opportunity creates a pathway out of poverty for many families. The results are also correlated to child outcomes for those children whose parents participate in our 2 GEN initiatives.

Dr. Cynthia Croom, Executive Director of Metro Action, presents the results of MAC’s three-year 2Gen/Whole Family pilot, which includes participant and stakeholder experiences and outcomes as well as lessons learned by the agency. In addition to the presentation, three Head Start/Early Head Start parents from the last cohort, who are currently working in full-time internship positions, and leaders from two of the partnering agencies discuss their experiences.

Resource Partnerships Matter: Funding A Whole Family Approach

CAP agencies are seeking information and ideas to secure funding for their whole family programs. This webinar is designed to provide information on how to identify and successfully secure those resources.

Framing Two-Generation Approaches to Supporting Families

To build a larger constituency for innovative and robust approaches to social policy and social services, 2Gen advocates need to communicate clearly and carefully. This framing “playbook,” from the FrameWorks Institute and Ascend at Aspen Institute is intended for “the choir:” agency leaders, social service professionals, advocates, and families leading their communities and constituencies toward two-generation approaches for supporting families. This resource provides guidance on making intentional choices about where to start, what to emphasize, and what to leave unsaid.

Framing Two-Generation Approaches to Supporting Families: Messaging Guide

This guide from Ascend at the Aspen Institute provides topline messages, suggestions for using language to make work more compelling, and ideas for bringing 2Gen work to life. Messages are based on results of research and analysis by the FrameWorks Institute. Communicators and front-line staff at your organizations can use them as a filter to craft messages suited for relevant audiences, channels, and topics.

Accelerating Postsecondary Success for Parents: Identifying and Addressing Mental Health Needs

With 22 percent of the undergraduate student population comprised of parents, policymakers and institutions must explore the unique needs of this population and address the challenges that may prevent parents from attaining their degree. This includes determining what systems, services, and approaches best support their mental health needs. This brief examines opportunities for policymakers and academic institutions to adapt existing mental health services in order to meet the unique needs of students who are parents and help them complete their degree. (April 2019)

Whole Family Approach Practice Transformation Stories

Over the last year, several Community Action Agencies have participated in the Whole Family Approach Community of Practice as a part of the Community Action Economic Mobility Initiative, funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Building Pathways for Parents Innovation for Work & Education

One of the hallmarks of an effective whole family approach is finding ways to connect parents with the opportunity to build their skills and knowledge in areas that important both inside and outside of the home. Join this webinar to hear stories from two organizations on how they have used Head Start and local post-secondary partners to develop skills and create opportunities for parents.

Utilizing Family Centered Coaching for Client Success

Family-centered coaching is a holistic, engaged approach to empowering families on their journey to self-sufficiency. Rooted in an understanding of the institutional forces that prevent families from moving forward, it also equips staff with the mindset, tools, and skills to work with families holistically towards financial wellness.

Watch this webinar for a deeper look into this approach and to see a case study example of how it can be successfully applied in Community Action.

States Leading the Way: Practical Solutions that Lift up Children and Families

Ascend at the Aspen Institute is the national hub for breakthrough ideas and collaborations that move children and the adults in their lives to educational success, economic security, and health and well-being. Practical State Solutions profiles effective solutions from Ascend partners throughout the United States and the work driven by leaders in Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland,Minnesota, Tennessee, and Utah. It contains recommendations on processes that lead to better outcomes for families, lessons learned on engaging and bringing families to the table as empowered experts, and information on how to move to the next level whether you are starting your 2Gen journey or working to go deeper

2-Gen Principles to Practice

The Minnesota 2-Generation Policy Network is a collaborative of state agencies, counties local organizations, and tribal nations in Minnesota, designed to advance two-generation approaches to policies and practices that improve outcomes for children and parents together. From a two-year period of this inter-agency and cross-sector effort, the network established a set of guiding principles–define the “how” of two-generation work. This tool intends to surface strengths and opportunities for moving these principles into practice for those who create policy or manage programs that affect families.The principles are equally important and interrelated; as you go through the tool, you may find that practices in one principle rely on practices in another. They are presented in no particular order.

Whole Family Approach Transformation Stories

Over the last year, several Community Action Agencies have participated in the Whole Family Approach Community of Practice as a part of the Community Action Economic Mobility Initiative, funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Watch this webinar to hear from Network members – Aroostook County Action Program, Inc., Blueprints, Mahube-Otwa Community Action, People Incorporated of VA, Mississippi County, Arkansas, Economic Opportunity Commission, and Total Community Action, Inc. – as they share their learning and transformation as they’ve worked to implement a whole family approach. Resources and takeaways for replication in other CAAs will be shared.

Community Action Economic Mobility Initiative Design Plan

This Community Action Economic Mobility Initiative Design Plan is meant to help your team think through and detail the essential elements of your whole family approach. It is organized by Components – and each Component section asks you to answer a set of questions. Answering all the questions will produce a “picture” of your effort – and a better sense of the work you have ahead of you. As you complete this design plan, you may find there are things you have not yet thought about, or challenges you don’t yet know how to address.

Whole Family Building Blocks: Aligning High Quality, Intentional, Intensive Services to Parents and Children

During this webinar participants will learn more about the building blocks agencies need to construct to successfully shift to a whole family approach. Specifically this webinar will focus on the building block related to aligning services for parents and children together. Additionally, participants will learn how to access the awesome resources coming from the whole family approach efforts of the Learning Community.


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