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Regional Whole Family Approach Community of Practice


Call for Applications


The National Community Action Partnership is seeking applications for a new Regional Whole Family Approach Community of Practice. Community-based human service organizations and tribal governments in the following 8 states are invited to apply: Alaska, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin.

What is a Whole Family Approach?

Whole Family Approaches build family well-being by intentionally and simultaneously working with children and the adults in their lives together. As children, parents, and families grow and change across their lifespan, Whole Family Approaches align opportunities to help families pursue their goals and thrive, optimizing each person’s potential along the way. These approaches may also be called Two-Generation or 2-Gen approaches.

Why Pursue a Whole Family Approach?

Providing integrated, high-quality, intentional supports to parents and children at the same time through a Whole Family Approach has the potential to improve both parent and child social and economic well-being producing a legacy of family well-being that passes from one generation to the next.

Project Overview

The Regional Whole Family Approach Community of Practice (COP) will support 6 community-based organizations, including tribal governments in achieving greater results for families and communities by deploying a multi-pronged system of learning and support for organizations that are ready to pursue a Whole Family Approach that is strength-based, trauma-informed, and engages the entire community.

What will be the benefits of participating in the Community of Practice?

Selected organizations will participate in a 2-year cohort with free, customized training and support for them and their partners as they build Whole Family Approaches. Working alongside families, agencies will create conditions that invite children to learn and help adults to apply their skills, unlocking the hidden human potential that exists in communities.

Community of Practice Members will:

  • Participate in a peer-centered system of learning and support
  • Attend 3 in-person Whole Family Approach Convenings (travel support provided)
  • Engage in monthly virtual peer sharing and learning meetings
  • Receive training, technical assistance, and expert coaching from national leaders in whole family approach, organizational development, racial equity, trauma informed approaches, and social innovation
  • Receive support to create a detailed Whole Family Approach plan that includes a theory of change and logic model to guide implementation and continuous improvement 

Application Criteria

We encourage applications from non-profit, community-based organization in rural, urban and suburban communities that are ready to implement a Whole Family Approach through demonstrating the following:


  • Agency leadership commitment from the Executive Director and designation of a core team responsible for managing the agency’s participation in the COP, including meetings, coordinating agency assignments, reporting project outcomes and disseminating information within the agency;
  • Evidence of robust early childhood development services and robust parent/adult skill building services or partnerships that cover parent and child services;
  • Evidence of potential to integrate services in the pursuit of a Whole Family Approach and a clear vision of systems and programs needed to better integrate services;
  • Demonstrated ability to track and manage data based on results and outcomes;
  • Vision of organizational policies and systems to enable whole family programming; and
  • Demonstrated family engagement efforts centered in equity.

Application Process

Application is currently OPEN. Submissions will be due August 15, 2020 by 4pm ET/ 3pm CT/ 2pm MT/ 1pm PT/ 12pm AKST.

  • March 2, 2020: 1st Informational Webinar and Application Release
    4pm ET/3pm CT/2pm MT/1pm PT/12pm AT/11am HT
    Recording | Slides
  • March 24, 2020: 2nd Informational Webinar for Interactive Questions
    4pm ET/3pm CT/2pm MT/1pm PT/12pm AT/11am HT
    Recording | Slides
  • June 30, 2020: Process Update Webinar
    Recording | Slides
  • APPLICATION DUE: August 15, 2020 by 4pm ET/ 3pm CT/ 2pm MT/ 1pm PT/ 12pm AKST
  • Weeks of Sept. 13/20: Follow-up/interviews with applicants
  • Week of October 2: Announce final decisions for COP participants
  • Week of October 25: Community of Practice Kick-Off
  • November and December: First cohort meetings


Click Here to Download the Letter of Commitment

Click Here to Download a PDF of the Application Questions for Reference

About the Partnership

The Community Action Partnership (the Partnership) is a national nonprofit [501(c)(3)] membership association, that serves as a national hub that links the nation’s 1,000+ Community Action Agencies to each other – and to leaders looking for solutions that connect Americans to greater opportunity.

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Project Team

Vice President, Practice Transformation
Senior Associate, Learning & Dissemination
Aimee Roberge
Program Associate, Learning Communities Resource Center