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Census Bureau Operational Plan

The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2020 Census Operational Plan documents the design for conducting the 2020 Census. It reflects and supports evidence-based decision-making by describing design concepts and their rationale, identifying decisions made and remaining decisions, and describing remaining risks related to the implementation of the Operational Plan.

Language Assistance by Phone

This memo documents the Census Questionnaire Assistance (CQA) phone numbers available to the public starting March 1, 2020 for assistance during the 2020 Census. These are being provided at the behest of partners so they can begin developing printed materials. The following table represents the dedicated toll-free numbers for each language CQA will support.

Language Guides

These language guides will help respondents complete the 2020 Census. Guides will also be available in braille and large print.

Complete Count Committee Map

The map shows where each committee is located across the U.S. and provides contact information for state/local entities or organizations who agreed to share their details publicly.

Work for the Census!

On the Census Team, every one counts, from the recent graduate to the career statistician whose analysis of statistical methodology puts you on the leading edge. Joining Census gives you the opportunity to put your skills to work in a challenging environment where innovation is part of the mission. Apply here!

Census Outreach Map

The Response Outreach Area Mapper (ROAM) application was developed to make it easier to identify hard-to-survey areas and to provide a socioeconomic and demographic characteristic profile of these area. Learning about each hard-to-survey area allows the U.S. Census Bureau to create a tailored communication and partnership campaign, and to plan for field resources including hiring staff with language skills.

Fact Sheets on Hard-To-Count Communities

Children 0-5, communities of color, low-income communities, and the homeless are some of the hardest populations to count in the census. Outreach must be tailored to these communities to ensure they are not under counted.

Census Barriers, Attitudes, and Motivators Report

The 2020 Census Planning Survey is a nationwide survey of 50,000 households that covers a range of topics related to census participation and completion. Results will allow the Census Bureau to understand and compare barriers, attitudes, and motivators across demographic subgroups such as Asian, Black, Hispanic, White, and, given sufficient sample size, additional groups like income and education levels.

Sample Census Form

The U.S. Census Bureau has released a sample copy of the questionnaire that will be used in the 2020 Census. This form can be used to create targeted messaging and prepare communities on what to expect.