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The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) is the only federal funding source with the objective of decreasing poverty in America regardless of cause. The touchstones of local control and flexibility make protecting CSBG reauthorization and funding paramount to Community Action. CSBG ensures that low-income individuals and others in the community have a voice in the planning and oversight of local programs, that initiatives respond to locally identified needs, and that resources are coordinated and used effectively. Each CAA uses CSBG to tailor its response to their community’s particular poverty challenges.

We support the reauthorization of the CSBG Act and increased CSBG funding in the federal budget as supported by the National Community Action Foundation (NCAF). Reauthorizing CSBG will create a more secure legislative foundation for the block grant and preserve its unique characteristics, including low-income participation, flexible funds, and local control. Increased funding for the program will expand the ability of CAAs to be the first line of defense against poverty in America by providing assistance and services to their respective communities.

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