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2018 Partnership Award Winners

United Planning Organization (UPO)
in Washington, DC

The Award for Excellence recognizes Community Action Agencies that have completed the Pathways to Excellence program and have been judged by a panel of expert peer reviewers to have truly exceptional management and operational practices. UPO demonstrated its strength across all seven categories within the Pathways to Excellence program, including Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, Performance Management, Human Resources, Organizational Processes, and Results.

Instituto Socio-Económico Comunitario
(INSEC), Inc. in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Through coordinated efforts, Instituto Socio-Económico Comunitario
(INSEC) assisted over 2,000 families and 6,000 individuals in the wake of Hurricane Maria — distributing much needed survival items such as rice, canned goods, Brita water filers, nutritional supplements, personal hygiene products, and over 6,000 gallons of water. 

Accion Social de Puerto Rico, Inc. (ASPRI)
in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Amidst the hurricane devastation, Accion Social de Puerto Rico (ASPRI)
provided hope and critical support to assist the commonwealth in its
recovery. Propelled by its commitment to The Promise of Community
Action, ASPRI diligently cared for the entire community and
remains dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.

2017 Partnership Award Winners

Elle Coulter, West Idaho Community Action Partnership (WICAP) in Caldwell, ID

Elee Coulter, recipient of the 2017 Jayne Thomas Award, is a volunteer at West Idaho Community Action Partnership (WICAP). She is devoted to Community Action and truly believes in the “Helping People, Changing Lives” motto. Elee is a leader to be recognized by people in her community. She is the voice of the low- income, elderly, and disabled in Adams County. She currently sits on the WICAP and SICHA Boards. She’s a fierce advocate and volunteer for Rose Advocates, a domestic violence shelter and service organization serving multiple counties.