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Catalogue of Online Training & Resources

This catalogue contains free resources to aid you and your colleagues in the excellent work you do as Community Action agents of change. For your convenience, they are organized by both topic and by type.

Resources by Topic

Resources by Type


eCourses are hosted on our Moodle platform Community Action Academy, so you will need to create a free account to access them.

Understand the basics about the Census, and be able to reach out to your customers, clients and community to help them understand it too!
An overview of the CSBG Organizational Standards and information on what makes your organization a Community Action Agency.
Nine fiscal training videos for new and experienced Community Action staff. The topics range from fund accounting to cost allocation, regulations, internal controls, and budgets.
Understand what it looks like to implement Results Oriented Management & Accountability (ROMA) across the organization and access tools to support your agency.
Know the value and process of creating a Theory of Change at the local level.
Board members will learn the foundational concepts on Results Oriented Management & Accountability (ROMA) and the CSBG Performance Management Framework.
A variety of materials, lessons, and a quiz on Family-Centered Coaching to deepen understanding of coaching concepts and assess agency readiness.
Resource Collections
The following resource collections offer an organized library of recorded webinars, presentations, and resources from the Open Learning Community Groups.

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