In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to provide you with an update on our ongoing efforts to assist the Community Action Network and stress protecting the health and safety of staff and customers. We understand that your CAA is weighing many issues and affirm that the safety and health of your staff and customers is your primary role right now. Thank you all for your efforts to date and for the intention and focus you will bring to these next few months

This situation is unprecedented, yet we are confident in the collective strength of our network and our ability to support people with low-income and their communities. We urge you to follow all CDC guidelines, stay in touch with your State CSBG Offices and other funders, and to connect and work with your local public health department.

As you know, the Community Action Network is a proven national network, the only non-military network in the country directly affiliated with the Federal Government. Community Action is the trusted entity in communities serving families with low incomes during this crisis and needs flexible funding to assist those most in need. The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) is the ideal lever for the federal government to drive funds to localities to meet specific local needs during the pandemic, as it supports a network of 1,000+ agencies, serving 99% of America’s counties. The Community Action Network has a demonstrated track record of accountability and complies with OMB Uniform Guidance and national CSBG Organizational Standards. Utilizing existing programmatic expertise and fiscal capacity, all Community Action COVID-19 pandemic efforts will be provided and documented efficiently and effectively. We applaud NCAF and David Bradley for the efforts in Congress to ensure Community Action is a key part of the nation’s response.

The Community Action Partnership staff are working remotely until March 31 (at minimum and will likely go longer as the situation develops) and it is our plan to remain fully operational. In response to requests for resources and guidance on emerging issues related to COVID-19 we are coordinating with our national partners (CAPLAW, NASCSP, and NCAF) and have compiled a number of useful resources and updates on our COVID-19 resource page and on CAPLAW’s COVID-19 resource page.

We are seeking information on what your CAAs is experiencing and how you are responding. Certainly local efforts take priority, but if you have a team member who can share your experience and/or provide links to local press or promotion on your actions, please email us at

Please keep an eye on our social media platforms for real-time communication as we do not want to overwhelm your inbox. This includes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our Twitter feeds include @CAPartnership and @PartnershipCEO and we will be using the tag #CommunityAction. We will be posting and sharing/re-sharing information as it becomes available. We will also send out more frequent enewsletters when key documents or guidance are released in addition to our weekly contact while trying to balance and be aware of how full your inboxes already are. Also, please keep and eye out for a weekly web meeting invitation to share information and hear from the network. We plan to create a standing time when the Network can check in; the date/time is TBD and we are working with the National Partners to deploy…

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