The Community Action Partnership Invites Applications for the Pathways to Excellence Implementer Program ⁠— January 2020

In 2019, the Community Action Partnership announced the launch of the Pathways to Excellence Implementer Program (PEI). The PEI is an opportunity to participate in a program designed to let you apply the Standards of Excellence to your agency by conducting a focused version of the Pathway’s Self-Study process. The training has now been modified to a one-day, in-person training with a virtual eCourse component prior to. In 2020, PEI will take place on January 7th in San Juan, PR as part of the pre-conference activities for our Management and Leadership Training Conference. Read below for more information about this great opportunity!

Who is Eligible?

The training is open to any Community Action Agency staff with at least five years of professional experience, preferably in a management role (this experience can be with another type of organization). PEI candidates must submit a short approval form available here signed by their supervisor or member of the leadership team to sponsor their participation.

 How much does it cost?

The cost for the training is $350, which includes the eCourse, materials, and additional webinars to support you through the process, as well as a Peer Review of your self-study.

How does it Work?

Step One: PEI candidates participate in the eCourse on the 2018 Standard of Excellence on Community Action Academy, the Partnership’s online learning management system.  This is to be completed in December 2019.

Step Two: PEI candidates attend the one-day training at MLTC 2020 on January 7th.  The training will cover a brief review of the standards, how to conduct the self-study, and the feedback report process.

Step Three: The candidates choose one or two categories of the Standards of Excellence for the self-study process.  The choice of categories is up to the candidate, with the exception of category seven (which requires an agency to go through the full Pathways process).

Step Four: The candidates work with a small team of staff at their agency to conduct a self-study on the category(s).  The self-study will include six to eight pages per category (maximum of 16 pages).  Candidates will have four months to complete the self-study and the Partnership will offer one technical assistance webinar a month to provide guidance and support in addition to “on call” support by staff.

Step Five: The candidate will participate in a call with two or three certified Pathways to Excellence Peer Reviewers to review the self-study.  The candidate will then compile the input from the Peer Reviewers into a Feedback Report.  A final webinar will be scheduled to discuss the Feedback Reports.

Step Six: The candidate will present the Feedback Report to the agency leadership team, send the final report to the Partnership, and receive their certificate of completion.  The whole process is anticipated to take between six to eight months.

Why Should I Participate?

The PEI is designed to provide CAA staff with an opportunity to implement the Standards of Excellence and the Pathways process at their agency.  This can also provide the first step toward an agency going through the full Pathways program, and help more agencies benefit from the Standards of Excellence.  The program will also provide additional opportunities for Peer Reviewers to participate on feedback calls and offer valuable peer-to-peer support for other agencies.  Successful completion of the PEI program will also provide points towards a Certified Community Action Professional (CCAP) application and a project you can use as part of your application.

Great!  How do I sign up?

You can register for the training by using the registration for the MLTC conference available hereDeadline for PEI registration is December 6, 2019.  Please email your Agency Approval Form (available here) to Courtney Kohler, Senior Associate, Training & Technical Assistance at  There are 15 slots available for the training that will be offered on a first come, first served basis – so act fast!