The National Community Action Partnership would like to express its concern for the victims of Hurricane Florence. So many families have been impacted and we know that Community Action Agencies in the devastated areas are working hard to ensure their doors get and stay open to help those in need during this challenging time.

We know that FEMA, the American Red Cross, and other first responders are engaged in immediate- and large-scale recovery efforts and we support their important work. To complement their efforts, the Partnership has opened its online donor portal to raise funds to help staff of local Community Action Agencies and State Associations get back on their feet so they are better able to meet the needs of their local community. 

The Partnership will work with State and Regional Associations in the impacted areas to distribute funds raised to local agency and association staff who have gone through the hurricane and have experienced the ramifications along with their neighbors. To be ready to help others, we need to make sure our team is as strong as possible. 

Will you join us?  You can donate to the effort via the Partnership’s donation page here.

100% of the funds raised by the Partnership will be deployed to local CAAs and associations and their staff. Note that the donor portal we use, Network for Good, does charge a small fee to process donations. Donors have the option to cover that fee in their contribution. We will work with the associations to develop a process for application and fund-distribution that best meets the needs of the local agencies and their staff, balancing flexibility with accountability.

To donate funds to help Community Action Agency staff who are struggling with the impact of the hurricane, please click here.

Thank you!   
Denise Harlow, CCAP
Chief Executive Officer