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The Partnership would like to congratulate the following individuals on earning their CCAP certification!

Name                                                         Agency

Demetra Alberti                                          Delaware Opportunities, Inc.

Cathleen Amick                                           United Community Action Partnership

Sam Amundson                                           Mahube-Otwa Community Action

Todd Anderson                                           Central Arkansas Development Council

Christall B. Azcarate                                    Northeast Florida Community Action

Tina Baker                                                    Montgomery Community Action

David Banno                                                Tri-County Community Action Agency

Jennifer Beilke                                             Lakes and Prairies CAP, Inc.

Kelly Buckson                                              South Carolina Office of Economic Opportunity

Linda Carrillo                                               Nueces County Community Action Agency

Amy Carter                                                   Indiana Community Action Partnership

Sam Clausi                                                    Louisville Metro Office of Resilience and Community Services

Marvin D. Cox                                              Metropolitan Action Commission

Dana East                                                     Community Action Council

Susan Espinoza                                           Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership

Chandler Esslinger                                     Community Action Partnership of North Dakota

Erin Evosevich                                             Newcap

Zsaquez Flucker                                          GLEAMNS Human Resource Commission

Jessica Dawn Fraser                                    Indiana Community Action Association

Jill Gass                                                         Step Up Suncoast

Shenika L. White-Gibbs                                    Waccamaw Economic Opportunity Council

Keelie Gustin                                               Miami Valley Community Action Partnership

Julie Hackerd                                               Area IV Agency on Aging and Community Action Program

Holly Hicks                                                   CAP of Northern AL

Laurie Jennings                                           C.E.F.S. Economic Opportunity Corporation

Michelle Jensen                                          United Community Action Partnership

Connie Jerden                                             C.E.F.S. Economic Opportunity Corporation

Kelly Johnson                                             S. Central MO Community Action

Barry Johnston                                            Audobon Area Community Services

Benjamin Jones                                           Montgomery Community Action

Dan Josephson                                            Mahube Otwa Community Action

Katy Kujawski                                              NASCSP

Tiffany Lampert-Quinn                                    Lincoln Hills Dev.

Whitney Lanning                                        CAP Greater St. Jos

Jenny Larson                                                Three Rivers Community Action

Pa Houa Lee-Yang                                       The Agricultral and Labor Program, Inc

Karrie Maag                                                 CAP N.E. MO

Amanda Mackie                                          Minnesota Valley Action Council

Margery Hall Marshall                                    Community Action of Central Texas

Michelle Martinez                                      Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders

Amanda McCoy                                          Mi-Iowa Community Action, Inc.

Jessica R. Miles                                           Central Kentucky Community Action Council

Tiffany Minnis                                             Delta Area EOC

Tara Morrison                                             Tri-Valley Opportunity Council

Brenda Nettles                                            Mobile Community Action

Morgan Leigh Nield                                    Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership

Faith C. Pullen                                             Florida Association for Community Action, Inc.

Richard E. Reinbott                                     Community Action Agency of St. Louis County

Ginell Rogers                                               Nash Edgecombe Econ. Dev. Inc

Susan Salzman                                            Gaston Community Action

Lori Schultz                                                   TRI-CAP

Janet Shrader                                              People Incorporated of Virginia

Dr. Christopher A. Small                                    Community Action Partnership of North Central Missouri

Steven St. John                                            Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority

Elena M. Steele                                           Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency

Diana M. Strahan                                        Hawkeye Area Community Action Program

Wanda Thacker                                           Big Sandy Area Community Action Program

Clarissa Thompson                                     Mid-Iowa Community Action Inc

Amy Yount Tittle                                         Step Up Suncoast

Jovita Tolbert                                               Community Action Partnership

Lindsay Jayne Vokaty                                    Tri-Valley Opportunity Council

Paul Anthony Wells                                    Central Arkansas Development Council

Anthony Wernke                                        Operation New View