Community Action Partnership Key Member of Rx Racial Healing Mobilization Campaign

Washington, DC – In a briefing before the Helsinki Commission today (July 18, 2019), Dr. Gail C. Christopher outlined a new approach to eradicating racism and confronting religious and ethnic bias. Dr. Christopher’s Rx Racial Healing campaign is a mass mobilization effort designed to facilitate the healing of nations that have been afflicted by a history of oppression rooted in racism, anti-Semitism, and religious and ethnic bias. The national Community Action Partnership is one of five organizations working together to invigorate efforts to facilitate racial healing, improve equity in communities and eradicate racism.

“Together with other healing thought leaders, we have plotted a new course, one that can transform our nation as well as serve as a blueprint for other nations facing legacies of racism and discrimination,” said Dr. Christopher, founder of the Ntianu Center for Healing and Nature, Chairperson of the Trust for America’s Health, and the architect and implementer of more than $1 billion in efforts spanning four decades to help jettison racism in America.

“Community Action is grounded in the vision of a nation that creates opportunities for all people to thrive,” stated Denise Harlow, Community Action Partnership CEO. “We are excited to be part of the campaign and believe that local action is core to dismantling the belief in a hierarchy of human value based on race, and critical to generating a critical mass of people in all corners of America committed to working together to heal the wounds of the past and end racism.”

The Community Action Partnership joins the Association of American Colleges and Universities, American Public Health Association, National Collaborative for Health Equity and Ntianu Center for Healing and Nature in this work and are looking to expand partnerships and resources to invigorate efforts to facilitate racial healing, improve equity in communities and eradicate racism. Rx Racial Healing is based on two interrelated strategies: building a national organizational network and activating local action to promote racial healing and racial equity. At the national level, these partner organizations are using their leadership positions to engage others in their sectors to become champions for racial healing and equity. Organizations throughout the education, health, housing, economic development, philanthropic, faith, and non-profit communities will make up a second sphere of collaborating entities.

The National Community Action Partnership is the hub for the nation’s 1,000+ local Community Action Agencies (CAAs)s. CAAs connect individuals and families to approaches that help them succeed, promote community-wide solutions to seemingly stubborn challenges, and share expertise with national, state, and local leaders looking for evidence on what works to promote greater economic opportunity for children and families.

Community Action Agencies are locally run but receive a range of public and private resources for their work. This includes funding from the federal Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) which provides the Community Action Agency designation. For every $1 of CSBG funds, the Network annually leverages $7.70 from state, local, and private sources. More information can be found at


Click here to download Dr. Christopher’s press release about the briefing. To download her written testimony, click here.