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The Partnership hosted a Child Tax Credit Awareness Day webinar presentation alongside OCS Director, Dr. Lanikque Howard, and OHS Director, Dr. Bernadine Futrell. We’d like to express our sincerest thank you to Dr. Howard and Dr. Futrell for their welcoming remarks.

The Child Tax Credit has been expanded to provide direct relief to families bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 crisis. The CTC is major tax relief for almost all working families, has the potential to cut child poverty in half, provides deeper cuts to child poverty rates for children of color, and it is fully refundable for 2021.

The Community Action Network plays a vital role, as Community Action and Head Start staff connect directly with customers almost every day. They are trusted messengers and play a key role in elevating the visibility and impact the CTC benefit can provide for families, even those who did not file taxes. The process will also allow families who may not have received the previous stimulus payments to receive those funds now.  In some cases, this would be a substantial amount of money, lifting their families up during this challenging time.

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