RPIC and State Association Colleagues,

The State T/TA Plan template for FY 2019 is now available!.  Based on feedback from last year’s template, the 2019  template has been updated: the word document has been pared down, and there is now only one streamlined online survey portion, for section IIB of the State Plan. You can click here to download the Word Document Template, and click here to view the Online Survey for Section IIB of the State Plan. Here are some things to keep in mind as you work towards completing your TTA plans for FY 2019:

  • RPIC leads will submit all State T/TA Plans to OCS, the Partnership, and NASCSP by Friday, October 19th.  Your RPIC lead will provide additional guidance on the deadline for submitting the plans to them.  NASCSP is sending copies of the template to all State Offices but please only submit a single plan to your RPIC lead (after the State Association and State Office have collaboratively developed the Plan).
  • The template is similar to last year’s format with a few changes to mention.  Section II on resources is now incorporated into Survey Monkey.  Additionally, there is now a single Survey Monkey form that replaces the separate surveys from last year’s version.  There are links at the end of the template for the Survey Monkey form, a PDF with the list of T/TA categories and topics, and a PDF of the survey.
  • The Partnership and NASCSP conducted a training webinar on the template scheduled on July 19th, you can view the recording to that webinar here.

Additionally, we have posted a variety of resources to our new “Tools and Resources Library”, to assist you with your State T/TA planning process. These resrouces include: the guidance session webinar, a pdf version of the survey, a list of tta topics, and last years TTA Plan Report. Please visit the library here to access these resources.

If you have any other questions related to the State TTA Plan, please contact Jarle Crocker, jcrocker@communityactionpartnership.com