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The purpose of the Center of Excellence project is to identify the most high-impact, transformational work in the Community Action network, disseminate it throughout the network and then strengthen state, regional and national TTA relationships to support capacity building across the network to implement more initiatives like these. Each state must provide at least ONE initiative for COE and each region may provide no MORE than 15 across the region.

The online submission form is the ideal process for the RPIC to submit initiatives to the COE team. The Word document submission form is intended for use at the state/regional level to collect information. Information can then be copy & pasted into the online submission form in survey monkey.


These documents are provided by the Center of Excellence’s (COE).

Project Team

Aaron Wicks, Vice President of Organization Capacity Building

Courtney Kohler, Project Director for Instructional Design & Technology

Tayla Daniel, Program Associate of Training & Technical Assistance