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The Weatherization Leveraged Partnerships Project is funded by the Department of Energy, Office of Weatherization and Intergovernmental Programs. Our goal is to support the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) network organizations to increase the size and impact of their federal program through local or state partnerships that provide more resources. The project team is based at the National Community Action Partnership to offer training and assistance to WAP subgrantees and their associations as they design and advocate for private partnerships and programs to coordinate with their federally-funded services. Having a strong Weatherization Assistance Program is key to successful leveraging, CAP seeks to ensure that subgrantees have the information and support needed to run a strong program.

Weatherization programs in 29 states leveraged more than $1 Million of non-federal funds in 2018.
An additional 9 programs leveraged up to $1 Million.

Find the full report from NASCSP on PY 2018 WAP Funding click here.

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Winning leveraged dollars and designing coordinated programs can be a complicated process.  Our team is already funded by the Department of Energy and available to help by sharing program design examples that complement WAP and LIHEAP, sample testimonies for advocacy at the utility commission, and templates for allocating leveraging dollars through the state plan. The energy partnerships team can connect your organization with peers and energy advocates that have designed successful programs and mitigated many of the challenges that arise in this work.

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