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Leveraging the WAP: Basics

Winning leveraged dollars and designing coordinated programs can be a complicated process.  Our team is available to help by sharing program design examples that complement WAP and LIHEAP, sample testimonies for advocacy at the utility commission and templates for allocating leveraging dollars through the state plan. The energy partnerships team can connect your organization with peers and energy advocates that have designed successful programs and mitigated many of the challenges that arise in this work.


    Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) Funding Report 2019

    The NASCSP WAP Funding Report provides a comprehensive aggregation of information on all funding sources contributing to the WAP. Each year, the report catalogues the Grantee-reported funding and production levels for each Grantee of the WAP as well as the source of that funding. The WAP Funding Report also serves as the historical reference for all Program funding from various sources, maintaining data for more than 20 years and publishing the previous 10 years in each report.

    The Federal Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program and its Partnerships: $1.1 Billion In 2018

    This document provides a snapshot of the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) Annual Suvey, how utility partnerships work, and discusses ways that Weatherization Agencies can establish funding streams.

    Joint Report on Leveraged Non-Federal Funds for WAP in 2016

    Report for use in comparing leveraging performance across states and determining the total resources and production of all agencies that are WAP subgrantees.

    Slide Presentations

    Leveraging Services and Funding

    Presentation from CAP and WA Department of Commerce at 2018 Home Performance Conference includes leveraging basics, scope of leveraging, and the WA leveraged program design.

    Designing Bundled Energy Affordability Programs

    Presentation from Coconino County Community Services (AZ) and Hunting Park Neighborhood Energy Center (PA) on coordinating LIHEAP, WAP, and case management.

    Energy Advocacy - Skills for Leaders

    Presentation from former Illinois utility commissioner at the 2018 CAP Management Conference.


    Leveraging the WAP Why and How

    Offers a basic background on the leverage rationale for a WAP organization, an overview of leveraging n the network, the regulation behind utilizing funding of leveraging initiatives, and coordinated design considerations.

    Utility & Regulatory Glossary

    A helpful dictionary for those engaged on these issues that are not attorneys or utility executives.

    Background for Energy Advocates: Process for Setting Utility Rates

    Created by a former utility commissioner, points on the steps of a rate case so that WAP leaders understand the ways and opportunities to get involved.

    Tips on Relationship Building with Utility Regulators

    Relationship building is a key component to winning utility dollars, this guide talks through steps to begin building these kinds of relationships with utility commissioners.

    Other Resources

    WAP Income Generation and Leveraging

    This guide highlights resources and strategies for States to use when developing and supporting partnerships that provide additional resources to complement the U.S. Department of Energyʹs (DOE) weatherization program funds.