Energy Equity

Equity is a core value of the National Community Action Partnership.  We urge the CAP and WAP networks to continue to help providing a more level playing field for those we serve.

    Audio / Video Presentations & Webinars

    Making a Clean Energy Future an Equitable One

    The COVID-19 pandemic has further revealed the inequities of the U.S. energy sector. A recently released report from Synapse Energy, Regulatory Assistance Project and the Community Action Partnership, supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, explores ways to deliver energy equity to communities that need it most.  Learn about case studies and policy options from across the country that are working to achieve greater energy equity. Hear from the authors and consider ways you may help move the needle in your community.

    Leading the Campaign for Affordable, Accessible Energy for All

    Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority and the Partnership for Southern Equity have worked in tandem for several years to advocate for “Just Energy.”  They have achieved remarkable success in communicating the issues, policies and programs, and in mobilizing community residents to take action on a better policy framework. The New Consensus is a national thought leader about the issues and solutions, along with the sweeping economic mobilization, that can build a clean and just economy.


    Energy Infrastructure – Sources of Inequities and Policy Solutions for Improving Community Health and Wellbeing

    In a new report produced with the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Synapse Energy Economics, the Regulatory Assistance Project, and Community Action Partnership take an in-depth look at the disparate impacts electric and natural gas infrastructure have on economic, social, and health outcomes — and consider how to ensure that a clean-energy future is a more equitable future.