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Department of Energy – WAP

These webinars and tools include the latest updates and insights on a range of WAP-related topics, from the Department of Energy, Office of Weatherization and Intergovernmental Programs.  

    Audio / Video Presentations & Webinars

    WAP Reopening Memo and Related Resources

    The Partnership and NASCSP review the latest DOE WAP Memo 062 on COVID19 Phase 1 reopening. 

    New Training Available for WAP Administrative Professionals

    The U.S Department of Energy (DOE) Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) has announced the launch of Training for WAP Administrative Professionals. Developed in response to WAP network feedback, these self-paced online trainings are designed for WAP Subgrantee staff, yet are applicable to Grantees, subcontractors, and WAP stakeholders.

    LIHEAP and the 2020 Census

    Census data drives dollars for federal funding – including LIHEAP! Join the National Community Action Partnership and National Energy & Utility Affordability Coalition to learn more about how agencies with LIHEAP programming, businesses, and other stakeholders can engage their community in the 2020 Census.

    ACSI Subgrantee Survey Results

    The 2019 American Customer Service Index survey results are in! Join the Department of Energy for this webinar as they provide an overview of the results. You may recall this survey asked subgrantees to provide their opinions on multiple dimensions of how their respective State grantee is conducting the Weatherization Assistance Program. All responses remained anonymous, and the CFI Group provided DOE WAP with aggregated data. Going forward, discussion will focus on changes in scores compared to the 2017 survey and updating Grantee Action Plans for 2020 and beyond.

    Slide Presentations

    Update from Department of Energy and National Partners (Jan. 2020)

    DOE shares the most recent program updates. NREL, NASCSP and CAP provides an overview of available resources and tools. NREL soft launches the new WAP administrative training modules

    Updates from the Department of Energy (August 2019)

    Participants had the chance to hear the latest updates from the DOE Weatherization Assistance Program Manager and engage in conversation. In addition, participants previewed the new online learning module segments for WAP administrative staff.

    Understanding the WAP: Local Agency Leaders

    Understanding the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP).

    Leveraging and Managing Multiple Funding Streams

    Presentation by DOE WAP Program Manager at the 2017 CAP Management Conference on the regulations behind leveraging the WAP and strategies for coordinated programs.

    WAP Grant Guidance on Leveraged Resources

    Includes the Program Guidance and Statutory Language that allows for allocating money in the state plan for leveraging initiatives.


    Sample Language for Leveraging in WAP State Plan

    Language from MA and WA, both of which fund a utility-focused advocacy organization to win and maintain leveraged funds for the WAP network.

    DOE Program Officer List

    A list of Department of Energy (DOE) Program Officers.