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Convention Presentations

Please be patient with us as we work to update this page with a comprehensive list of presentations from our previous trainings. In the meantime, if you are looking for resources related to our trainings, we encourage you to consult our webinar video library and our toolkit library.

2019 Convention Highlights and Presentations

2019 Annual Convention Program Book
2019 Annual Convention Sessions in Alphabetical Order

2018 Convention Highlights and Presentations

2018 Annual Convention At A Glance & Program Book
2018 Annual Convention Keynote Presentation: $2.00 A Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America
2018 Annual Convention Sessions in Alphabetical Order

2017 Convention Highlights and Presentations

Community Service Day with the Molina Foundation

The Partnership often collaborates with other organizations during our Annual Conventions to volunteer in communities where the events are held. In 2017, convention attendees took part in a book-sorting event in Philadelphia.

Please check out the video to your right of our volunteers. You can also view this Book Sorting Video from August 29, 2017 which aired on Fox 29 News in Philly.

2017 Opening Session Keynote Presentation and Interview

2017 Annual Convention Keynote Presentation: Beyond the Racial Stalemate
2017 Annual Convention Sessions in Alphabetical Order
Boards Behaving Beautifully

Shared Governance – Board and Head Start Policy Council Roles and Responsibilities

2-Gen Approach in Rural Settings

Adult Education . . . A Vehicle Out of Poverty

Becoming a Successful CCAP Candidate

CCAP Orientation Handouts

Conquering Complex Cost Allowability Issues

Demographics to Data – CAP2017

Developing an Energy Education Program


Documenting Fiscal Workflow

Don’t Let Other Define Who You Are

Economic Analysis Toolkit Stansbury

Ending Family Homelessness

Ending Homelessness CAP2017

Finance Department Roles and Responsibilities

Financial Analysis Use Your Data Effectively

Finding People Jobs Challenges and Best Practices for Fee-Based Employment Services

Finding People Jobs LOGIC-MODEL

Floods! Tornadoes! Earthquakes!

Housing Centered Anti Povety Pgrms Housing Stabilization Strategy

Housing Centered Anti-Poverty Programs Lessons from Philadelphia and New York

Housing Centered AntiPoverty Creative Affordable Solutions for the Working Low-Income Family

Housing Centered AntiPoverty Pgrm Farrell Presentation August 2017

How to Use Data, Information and Knowledge to Advocate for the New Faces of Poverty

Integrating Financial Capability Services

Lessons Learned Bundling Services 

Part 1 Practice Transformation slides AC17

Part 2 Practice Transformation slides AC17

Supporting Person Centered Approaches For People with Disabilities Experiencing

Transforming Communities_

Trauma-Informed Case Management


What is Accreditation and Why Get Accredited

What is to be Done 2018 Trump Budget blueprint

What is to be Done ABetterWay-Poverty-PolicyPaper

What is to be done Partnership 2017 Conference Stansbury

What’s Behind the Bundle

Why Leadership Development

Your Money Your Goals New Tools for the Front Line

American Architectural Salvage

CAA’s and Micro-Business Lending

Collecting & Analyzing Comprehensive Community Needs Assessment Data

The Self-Sufficiency Standard

Designing Bundled Energy Affordability

Designing Effective Utility Weatherization Leveraged Partnerships Project

Ready, Set, Go– Tools and Tips on Leading a Learning Community

How Associations of CAA or WAP Organizations Organize to Win BIG for Low-Income Energy Consumers

Lake County – Focus Your Vision- Capacity Building Social Enterprise Projects

Little Dixie: Successful Rural Community Economic Development Initiatives

NCAP Access+ Capital

Protecting Utility Consumers in Fast-Changing Markets: Community Action’s Role

Science of Equality

Social Enterprises as a Means to Expand Services and Increase Revenue

TD Bank Presentations – Effective Bank Partnerships that Serve the Community

Transforming Communities: Advocating for Family Success– A 2-Gen Approach in Rural Settings

Economic Development in a Rural Community Action Agency- WSOS Presentation