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#CommunityActionVotes Campaign Toolkit
COVID-19 means the upcoming election will be unlike any other, so we put together this step-by-step toolkit to help make voter outreach a little easier for you. All of the materials in the #CommunityActionVotes Campaign Toolkit below are ready-to-use, but can be customized according to your preference and needs. The toolkit includes social media and email graphics, captions, email text, and an editorial calendar.

If there are additional items you need for this campaign, please reach out to us by email.

Click here to download How-to Guide as PDF.

Social Media Captions

Your voice matters. Register to vote now at! #communityactionvotes #2020election


Stay safe by voting absentee. Learn how at #communityactionvotes #2020election


Absentee ballots = mail-in ballots. Have you requested yours? Go to #communityactionvotes #2020election


Election Day is November 3rd. Are you ready to vote? Go to #communityactionvotes #2020election


Registration deadlines are coming soon! Go to to register now #communityactionvotes #2020election


Have you requested your absentee ballot? Go to to learn how #communityactionvotes #2020election


Make sure your community is represented! Vote in the 2020 Election. Go to to learn how. #communityactionvotes #2020election

Email Templates

Our email templates are ready to use! Just copy and paste the text into your standard template, along with the email banner.

Email Template 1:
To encourage voter registration.

Email Template 2:
To encourage absentee/mail-in ballots.

Click to download.


The #CommunityActionVotes campaign is designed to encourage voters to register and request absentee/mail-in ballots on time. With that in mind, we want to keep our outreach persistent and consistent.


Recommended email schedule:
2x per month,
Tuesdays between 10 and 11:30am.


Recommended social post schedule:
4x per week across all channels,
Post once in the AM and once in the afternoon.


Other ideas:

Additional Resources
Social Media Graphics
These GIFs promote engagement through animation. You can download and upload the files the same way you would with an image (PNG, JPG, etc.). Right click to download!
(post on October 5th)
(post on October 19th)
(post on October 29th)

State Graphics

** Deadlines for Puerto Rico and Northern Mariana Islands have passed. Access the full list of 2020 Voter Deadlines by State.

Email Banners

Add this banner to your email signature or include in newsletter templates.
Print Materials

Want FREE materials? Order here by October 2, 2020. Supplies are limited to the first 100 orders.

Posters (18x24in)
Postcards (4.25x6in)