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May 2018 Community Action Month Toolkit

Annually, the month of May is designated as Community Action Month (CAM). It’s a fantastic opportunity for your agency to share your stories, promote your work, emphasize your impact, and shout your successes. For assistance in planning events, social media posts and activities, please view and download our 2018 Community Action Month Toolkit. You can download most individual pages separately. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to access the available “individual” pages, including social media images and posts.

National Community Action Month in May was created by the Community Action Partnership to reinforce Community Action agencies’ role in helping low-income families achieve economic stability. 

During National Community Action Month, Community Action agencies truly make the Promise of Community Action—to help people and change lives—come alive by hosting events that help put a “face” on the families striving to achieve self-sufficiency. Success stories are honored and personal achievements are recognized. Some governors and mayors even proclaim May “Community Action Month” in their states and cities.

Community Action agencies also use National Community Action Month to call attention to the positive programs that help thousands of families achieve self-sufficiency.  As Community Action agencies are showcasing their programs, they are also giving local residents-many of whom are unaware of the poverty in their communities-a first-hand look at the struggles low-income families face and how Community Action programs help these families achieve financial security.

Each year, the Community Action Partnership releases a toolkit that gives our agencies resources and information that can help them use Community Action Month to increase their visibility.

Social Media Image Creator – May 7 / Mission Monday
Save the jpeg to your desktop. Open the jpeg in Paint. Once Paint opens, click File> Open> Browse to your desktop and grab the jpeg.  The image will be imported. Next, click on the “A” symbol at the top of Paint and draw out a text box to insert or write out your mission. Save your mission post to your desktop, replacing the original jpeg. Share on social media

Social Media Selfie Sign and Information
Jayne Thomas Grassroots Volunteer Recognition Award

How to nominate someone for the Jayne Thomas Grassroots Volunteer Recognition Award
Nomination form for the Jayne Thomas Grassroots Volunteer Recognition Award

Sargent Shriver Achievement Award

How to nominate someone for the Sargent Shriver Achievement Award
Nomination form for the Sargent Shriver Achievement Award

Avril Weisman Scholarships

How to nominate someone for the Avril Weisman Scholarships
Nomination form for the Avril Weisman Scholarships