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2019 National Community Action Immigration Summit, April 3 – 5, 2019

Building Opportunities for Immigrant Families: The Role for Community Action Agencies

Thank You for Attending!

A special thanks to all who attended the Immigration Summit which provided an overview of how individuals can access legal residence status, uncovered existing immigration issues, and highlighted the role that Community Action Agencies can play – and do play – to meet the needs of immigrant families. The recording from the event is forthcoming.

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Video Highlights from the 2019 National Community Action Immigration Summit

Understanding the Immigration Crisis
During this session, panelists Clarissa Martinez de Castro (UnidosUS) and Dylan Corbett (Hope Border Institute) discussed immigration history, myths, and facts impacting refugee families, and provided an overview of the immigration crisis from the national and local levels. 

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What Happened at Tornillo?
Tornillo was a “tent city” detainment center which recently closed. While in operation, it housed hundreds of children who were separated from their families. In this session, border journalist Bob Moore explored the impact of displacement, particularly on children, and shared some of his experiences with covering Tornillo.

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Deriving a Legal and Policy Perspective
Legal experts provided a survey of immigration law and policies which provide opportunities and barriers for families. The panel also discussed how people can immigrate legally to the US or get legal status and the changing dynamic of the deportation policies on vulnerable persons.

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Making the Case and Changing the Narrative
This session highlighted the impact of living in a community without legal status, barriers facing immigrant families, and made the case for a humanitarian response to the immigration crisis. Additionally, racial bias and cultural stigma and culturally informed strategies for navigating institutional barriers and social isolation were discussed.

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Community Action Immigration Stories
Community Action leaders from around the country share their stories of supporting families, best practices for navigating “systems” and lessons learned.

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Education: An Opportunity Pathway for Families
This session highlighted barriers to accessing education and featured transformation stories related to early childhood education and Models for increasing access to college/trade school for adults.

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