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Census Summer Campaign Toolkit

The Census in the time of COVID is challenging, so we put together this step-by-step toolkit to help make Census outreach a little easier for you. All of the materials in the #CensusSummer Campaign Toolkit below are ready-to-use, but can be customized according to your preference and needs. The toolkit includes social media and email graphics, captions, email text, and an editorial calendar.

If there are additional items you need for this campaign, please reach out to us by email.

Click here to download How-to Guide as PDF.

Social Media

Social Media Caption Samples

Have you submitted your census yet? Time is running out! Go to to complete your census today – it only takes 10 minutes and can make a **BIG** impact on your community! #CensusSummer #Census2020

Care about your community? Complete your census! 10 minutes of your day could mean tens of thousands of federal dollars for your community. Go to to complete your census today. #CensusSummer #Census2020

Did YOU know?? The Census determines how many representatives your state has in the House, how many Electoral College votes your state gets, and how the voting districts are drawn. Complete your census today! Go to #CensusSummer #Census2020

Children and BIPOC are some of the most under-counted populations in the census, which means their schools, hospitals, housing, and social programs aren’t getting the proper federal funding! Tell your friends and neighbors to complete the census – EVERYONE counts! #CensusSummer #Census2020

The Census determines federal funding *and* your political power. Complete your census today to ensure your community gets proper political representation! Your vote counts – and so does your census! Go to today. #CensusSummer #Census2020

Census data determines federal funding for schools, roads, hospitals, and other critical services! Make sure your community gets its fair share by completing your census today. Go to #CensusSummer #Census2020

Did you know you’re worth $20,000? On average, for every person counted in the #2020Census, their state gets about $2,000 in federal funding every year for 10 years. That’s a lot of money! Make sure your state gets its fair share – complete your census today! Go to #CensusSummer #Census2020

Email Templates
Our email templates are ready to use! Just copy and paste the text into your standard template with whichever #CensusSummer graphic you prefer!

Email Template 1:
To encourage self-response.
Click to download.

Email Template 2:
To encourage getting others to submit their census data.
Click to download.

More templates coming soon!

The #CensusSummer campaign is designed to encourage a complete count before the Census Bureau starts going door to door in August. With that in mind, we want to keep our outreach persistent and consistent.

Recommended email schedule:
2x per month,
Tuesdays between 10 and 11:30am.

Recommended social post schedule:
4x per week across all channels,
Post once in the AM and once in the afternoon.

Other ideas:

Social Media Graphics

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Email Banners

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