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Taking Action Against Structural Racism

On May 29, National Community Action Partnership released a statement about the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other members of the Black community. In light of these events, and in keeping with our continual push for justice and racial equity, the Partnership has drafted a short list of initial steps for taking action against structural racism in our country. It is certainly not exhaustive, however, we believe these are important steps to take, both for us as individuals and for your Community Action Agency. Additionally, we’ve compiled a bibliography of resources for Community Action to understand, communicate, strategize and take action to eliminate structural racism.

The Right Verdict (4/22/21)

(Washington, DC, April 21, 2021)-The Minneapolis’ jury verdict finding Derek Chauvin guilty on all three counts is right and just. While true justice would be having George Floyd still among the living, this verdict brings accountability, and we hope a measure of justice to his family.  The question remains, will it bring a true shift in our country…

To download the full statement, click here

Partnership Affirms Its Core Values (5/29/20)

Washington, DC – Our world is reckoning with a pandemic for which there is currently no cure. Already, COVID-19 has taken 100,000+ lives in the US and it has consumed millions more. We mourn for all who have been infected and affected by this crisis. In a very short time, the pandemic has shifted everyone’s reality and none of us will ever be the same. While COVID-19 has unleashed a threat on the health and economy of our nation, it has also revealed a pre-existing condition that places all of us at greater risk. The hierarchy of human value and to be more specific, RACISM, has served as an activator that has accelerated the loss of life and disproportionate losses to important populations in our country. Persons of color, who are in many cases, workers with low incomes and live in places that were already struggling are suffering great physical, economic, and social harm…

To download the full statement, click here

Video Resources

Community Action Conversation in Response to Racism and COVID-19

On Wednesday, June 3, Partnership Board Chair, Bryan Duncan, and Catrena Bowman-Thomas, Executive Director of the Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission, had some powerful remarks during our webinar.

Partnership Board Chair, Bryan Duncan, at the Iredell Hall of Justice

On Saturday, June 6, Bryan addressed police violence and structural racism at the Iredell Hall of Justice in his hometown in North Carolina. 

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